Job Openings Payment Product Senior Specialist

About the job Payment Product Senior Specialist

Job Description:

  1. Perform local market research, competitive product research and business requirement analysis to guide the wallet payment products design that meet the habits of local market;
  2. Responsible for the process design, product design, define and document product requirement of the B/C side wallet payment product, and promote product development and online;
  3. Collaborate with internal risk management, operation, market and data teams, put forward product iteration optimization requirements for existing products, and be responsible for promoting the implementation of the plan;
  4. Responsible for connecting with the cooperation channels, understanding the needs of each channel party, combining the characteristics of the wallet payment product, proposing business solutions and promoting the implementation of the product;
  5. Review and analyze product performance and user conversions, and provider a continuous improvement path though leveraging product iteration and optimization.

Job Requirement

  1. More than 5 years of experience in online wallet/payment products, responsible for the 0 to 1 process of related products, mature online product cases are preferred;
  2. Solid experience in mobile IOS/Android/H5 products and interaction design;
  3. Have a deep understanding of user experience and user conversion, familiar with interaction, UI, and proficient use of product design tools;
  4. Strong logical thinking and data analysis skills, good communication and coordination skills with external parties, ability for adapting to the multi-task work, and be self-driven;
  5. Fluent English in both written and verbal is preferred;
  6. Proficiency in using MySQL for product data analysis is preferred.