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About the job Maintenance Supervisor

The Maintenance Supervisor will play a crucial role in overseeing the maintenance operations within our busy automotive component manufacturing plant. This individual will be responsible for leading a team of maintenance technicians to ensure all equipment, machinery, and facilities are properly maintained to minimize downtime and optimize production efficiency.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Supervise and lead a team of maintenance technicians, providing guidance, training, and support to ensure effective performance and adherence to safety protocols.
  2. Develop and implement preventive maintenance programs to minimize equipment downtime and maximize operational efficiency.
  3. Coordinate and prioritize maintenance tasks, ensuring timely completion to minimize disruptions to production schedules.
  4. Conduct regular inspections of machinery, equipment, and facilities to identify potential issues and implement corrective actions as needed.
  5. Maintain accurate records of maintenance activities, including equipment maintenance logs, work orders, and inventory of spare parts and supplies.
  6. Collaborate with other departments, such as production and engineering, to address maintenance-related issues and optimize equipment performance.
  7. Ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards, promoting a culture of safety among maintenance team members.
  8. Identify opportunities for process improvement and cost savings within the maintenance department.
  9. Monitor maintenance expenses and budget, identifying areas for cost reduction while maintaining high-quality standards.
  10. Stay updated on industry trends, technologies, and best practices in maintenance management to continuously improve departmental processes and procedures.
  11. Ensure that all machines are running efficiently 
  12. Check up on daily job cards
  13. Ensure that all artisans are allocated with necessary work required 
  14. Check all safety equipment and safety checks are up to date
  15. Ensure that all 5s documentation and work areas are kept up to date 
  16. Ordering of spares/Get necessary quotes for spares when required 
  17. Check that all stock items are available when required


  1. Tertiary Qualification in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or a related field preferred. Equivalent work experience will be considered.
  2. Proven experience in maintenance management, preferably in a manufacturing environment, with at least 3-5 years of supervisory experience.
  3. Strong technical knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems commonly used in manufacturing equipment.
  4. Excellent leadership and interpersonal skills, with the ability to motivate and mentor a diverse team of maintenance technicians.
  5. Proficiency in reading technical manuals, blueprints, and schematics to troubleshoot equipment issues effectively.
  6. Solid understanding of preventive maintenance principles and practices, with experience developing and implementing preventive maintenance programs.
  7. Exceptional problem-solving abilities and a proactive approach to identifying and addressing maintenance issues.
  8. Familiarity with computerized maintenance management systems and other maintenance software applications preferred.
  9. Ability to work effectively under pressure in a fast-paced environment, prioritizing tasks and managing multiple responsibilities simultaneously.
  10. Strong commitment to safety, with a thorough understanding of safety regulations and protocols applicable to manufacturing operations.

Preferred Additional Skills:

  1. Certification in maintenance management or related field.
  2. Experience with lean manufacturing principles and continuous improvement methodologies (e.g., Six Sigma and 5S) 
  3. Familiarity with automotive manufacturing processes and equipment is desirable.
  4. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to communicate technical information effectively to various stakeholders.

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