Job Openings Payroll Assistant

About the job Payroll Assistant

This Payroll Officer function consists of the full payroll processing function for three companies. You will be required to make all the necessary changes to the payroll system to process payroll. You will also be required to liaise with different levels of management and staff to attend to payroll matters in order to resolve these in a professional and efficient manner.

Key Performance Areas

(Any experience in below KPAs will be advantageous)

Communication and Data Management

  • Adherence to Group Data Management Policy
    • Filing kept up to date and easily accessible for others to gain access to information.
    • Regular updating of work onto internal system and networks where applicable.
    • Use of Microsoft Office 365 Suite for written, verbal and video communication.
    • Effective communication with various stakeholders through sharing/receiving applicable information/instructions through informal/formal meetings and keeping minutes thereof.
    • Ensure salaries, statutory and all other payroll related correspondence are updated onto internal data management platform.
    • Comply with Payroll Calendar deadlines and ensure files are updated as specified.
    • Regularly post documentation on notice boards to ensure upward/downwards communication.
    • Use of prescribed Payroll templates.
    • Ensure workspace and surroundings are kept in a presentable and professional state.
    • Ensure work is filed correctly and not kept in a cluttered manner.
    • Reducing/managing waste.
    • Ensure archiving is managed as per legislative requirements.
    • Preparing management reports Payroll relevant data.

Payroll Administration and Management (90%)

  • Utilise all internal Payroll software programs competently.
  • Liaison with all role players SARS / DEL (e.g. UIF, COID, SETA etc.) / Workmens Compensation / STATS SA / Pension Fund or Council Administrators / Medical Aid Administrators etc. and ensure compliance by submitting all required information/documentation in accordance with deadlines set.
  • Full payroll function (Total +- 200 employees)
    • Process all Payroll data accurately and efficiently, including but not limited to the following:
      • Prepare relevant schedules prior to payroll processing for sign off (e.g. leave, work schedules, BCouncil, Medical Aid, union fees etc.).
      • Ensure all leave forms are processed & sick claims checked and submitted to the industry council where relevant.
      • Administration of all types of leave, overtime, Garnishee orders, UIF documents, Provident fund additions and withdrawals etc.
      • Process claims, staff requests and queries i.r.o. pension; medical aid; bank detail changes; status changes; beneficiary's etc.
      • Additions / Terminations full function in compliance with DEL, Equity etc.
      • Workmen's compensation.
      • Use of time and attendance system to ensure accurate payroll processing.
      • Preparation and distribution of various payroll reports (E.g. Leave Liability, Leave Schedules, Payroll sheets, Salary etc.).
      • Compliance with statutory requirements (E.g. EMP501, EMP201s, UFiling, UI19, Stats SA, COID, Equity, Skills etc.).
      • Monthly reconciliations and related payments.
    • Assist with preparation of Bonus, Increase, Commission, Incentives and other variable schedules where necessary and process on payroll accordingly.
  • Process and maintain an attendance system effectively.

Assistance with Payroll Related Administration linked to HR functions (10%)

  • Deal with both external and internal payroll related queries.
  • Prepare applicable correspondence/letters for any necessary changes in employee terms and conditions
  • Employee Files and HR Programmes
    • Administration of all types of leave, overtime, deductions, income, technical adjustments and any other payroll administration functions and ensure it is processed on payroll.
  • Administration of Employment Equity matters.
    • Ensure staff are allocated correctly as per Equity Occupational Levels on the payroll system.
    • Assist with annual reporting processes utilising the necessary payroll reports.
  • Human Capital Development
    • Ensure staff are allocated correctly as per SETA Occupational Levels on the payroll system.
    • Assist with annual reporting processes utilising the necessary payroll reports.
  • Legal / Contractual
    • Ensure termination/onboarding (e.g. UI19s, Work schedules) correspondence are submitted promptly to relevant authority department.
    • Assist with relevant government audits where requested (e.g. Equity, BCEA etc.).
  • Administration of HR projects
    • Maintaining of relevant electronic (e.g. SMP) and manual project files where required.
    • Effective communication with various stakeholders.
    • Attend to relevant HR projects where required.

Experience and Qualifications

  • Two years experience in a similar role will be essential with relevant certificate or diploma in Payroll will be strongly advantageous.
  • Extensive current knowledge of Payroll Systems is essential (Pastel Payroll Programme experience will be preferred) / ESS / Efiling / Easyfile.
  • Fluent in Microsoft Office with intermediate/advance level Excel is essential.
  • Use of any Time Attendance system (Biosyn) will be advantageous.
  • Business English.
  • Good understanding of SARS / UIF & WCA online systems and procedures.
  • Good understanding of Bargaining Council (NBCEI) and Provident fund procedures essential.
  • Own vehicle and valid driver license.
  • Strong Mathematical skills & good time management skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills & good multitasking skills.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
  • Be bilingual.

Personal Attributes

  • Healthy, Positive and Self-Motivated individual.
  • Patient, tactful, diplomatic and approachable.
  • Ability to stay calm under stressful situations.
  • Good situational awareness.
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills.
  • Confident about gathering facts and statistics.
  • Respect the importance of confidentiality.
  • Good organising skills.
  • Good problem-solving skills.
  • Team Player.
  • Be able to work accurately, with good attention to detail.
  • Analytical minded and be able to use databases, spread sheets, word processing and accounts packages.

Package Offered

This position will attract a Market Related salary according to qualification and experience gained.