Job Openings Cash Controller/Stock Checker

About the job Cash Controller/Stock Checker

Take out floats from the safe

Make sure cashier count their float before placing it in drawer.

Make sure you are present when cashiers load their tills.

Drawers must be closed before trading commences.

Make sure cashiers are friendly and polite.

Make sure cashiers attend to their customer.

Make sure cashiers don't talk to each other while assisting a


Make sure the till drawers are closed after every transaction.

Make sure cashiers don't eat, drink or chew gum.

No socializing with customers

Make sure there is no handbags, food or shopping at the tills.

Cashiers must clear tips with supervisor and put it aside.

Cahiers are not allowed to add tips to the drawer.

Ensure no more than R20 000 are kept in the drawers.

Make sure all amounts above R20 000 are dropped regularly.

Make sure regular drops are made throughout the day.

Only a supervisor is allowed to do a void.

No cash/money voids are allowed on the debtor accounts.

Make sure cashiers compare their voids with the reading.

Schedule cashiers tea and lunch breaks.

Make sure that there are always cashiers available.

No staff is allowed near the tills.

Only a supervisor is allowed to open the drawers.

Make sure the cashier counts out their float.

Make sure all the money is counted and dropped in the safe.

Calculate and counter sign all drops.

Calculate all the drop slips in the cashing up book.

Print out reading to compare totals.

Compare reading with total in cashing up book.

Print out the final reading.

Write out the variance and counter sign.

Make sure cashier calculate and compare voids with reading.

Make sure cashier calculate and compare empties with reading.

Make sure cashiers attach al void, empty and drop slips with cashing up slip.

Complete all necessary deposit slips and sheets for Cash Transit Pickup