Job Openings Procurement / Buyer

About the job Procurement / Buyer

Please note that the above vacancy is based in Perserverance between Uitenhage and Port Elizabeth 

Stock Management

Create Stock items on Eazy

Ensure all Stock Item fields are correct

Verification of usage (+/-3mnths) prior to setting of reorder levels

Monthly Stock Take to be done

Data on count sheets received from stores to be entered into Eazy

All Variations must be investigated prior to Acceptance

Once stock take is complete, Final Stock Take sheets must be printed and authorized by GM

Process stock orders

Run stock reorder level report daily

Raise orders for required stock items against relevant supplier/s as per quotes received for updated price

Create order to be as reorder level on Eazy

Confirm quoted prices are still valid

Stock Purchase order to be authorized as per mandate, prior to order being placed with supplier

Send order to supplier after authorization

Requesting Quotes & Process orders

Upon receipt of BOM request quotes from suppliers prior to any purchases made

Correspond/negotiate with supplier to obtain best possible prices

Check order request to quotes received, ensure material / items are correct

Group quotes received for items/material on correspondence to requester

Raise order to best suitable supplier; price, availability, etc

Purchase order to be raised using correct job card number / cost centre / stock item / van store

Required delivery details (date/address/etc) to be noted on Purchase order

Ensure maximum trade discount applied/received

Order must be approved according to mandate

Place order with relevant supplier

Process orders

Orders that are incorrect to be cancelled and redone. No copying or editing of order as this creates

confusion in Easy.

Orders dated older than 7 days not able to be placed back into processing. Delivery dates to be updated

daily to ensure that it can still be edited.

Date of receiving to be checked and reflect actual receipt date

Call out spares must be ordered against van stock only

Freight for spares to be booked against job number and not van stock

Welding Gas must only be booked to a Cost Centre

Process order / purchase cost

Order to be retained till goods received note handed in

Delivery to stores : Stores receives on Eazy, paperwork handed to procurement to ensure accuracy

Collection by Techs / Delivery on site : Procurement to receive on Eazy

Upon receipt, the Delivery note must be compared against order to ensure all goods received are as per


Verify prices as per delivery note/invoice against order/quote

Discrepancies to be addressed with supplier

Request credit note where applicable

Update receipts regularly in order for up to date costings

Purchase order (line items) to remain on system for undelivered goods

Follow up on outstanding orders on system

Ensure all purchase orders delivered / collected in month are linked prior to month end run

Submit order with relevant documentation to accounting for verification of correctness and accuracy daily

Export CSV file per supplier daily, match paperwork as above with Eazy Supplier print of CSV file


Ensure department adheres to standard business templates.

No orders to be placed with supplier without authorization

Stock transfers must be done on Eazy immediately

Paperwork to be submitted to accounting soonest, at least before close of business daily:

Adhere to all company policies and procedures at all times and advise stakeholders of deviations in policy

and/or of any business risk.