Job Openings Optometrist (Specialist Optometry)

About the job Optometrist (Specialist Optometry)

Job Description:

Our client is a prominent distributor of international medical equipment and eyewear brands, and they operate their optical retail chain. We are seeking an experienced Optometrist to join their healthcare team in Jeddah.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Conduct comprehensive eye examinations using various tools and techniques to assess visual acuity and perception.
  • Perform vision tests on clinic patients, including diagnostic procedures.
  • Prescribe and accurately fit vision aids such as contact lenses and eyeglasses based on patient needs.
  • Analyze test results and develop effective treatment plans or recommendations.
  • Educate and counsel patients on proper contact lens care, visual hygiene, and safety practices.
  • Maintain and ensure the proper functioning of clinic instruments and equipment.
  • Collaborate with staff to optimize the quality of clinical care and service delivery.
  • Specialize in fitting contact lenses.
  • Actively contribute to sales activities.


  • Bachelor's or Doctor of Optometry degree.
  • Graduated from a university accredited by the Saudi Commissions for
  • Health Specialists as a Specialist in Optometry.
  • Preferably, previous experience within optical shops.
  • Willingness to relocate to Saudi Arabia.
  • Ranked by Saudi Commissions for Health Specialists and Saudi
  • Ministry of Health as a Specialist in Optometry.


  1. Comprehensive health insurance coverage for employees.
  2. Competitive commission rates for Optometrists, with the potential to earn up to 40% in addition to the basic salary.

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