Job Openings Cyber Security Engineer/ Analyst

About the job Cyber Security Engineer/ Analyst

We are looking for an experienced cyber security specialist with strong fundamentals on cybersecurity for network, web and mobile applications. Ideally, a software engineer with background in financial or similar high risk systems, who is able to conduct security related testing (vulnerability and penetration testing).

The role will work with clients in logistics, medical, financial and digital marketing industries. This entails creating or putting together innovative security risk assessment testing tools and procedures, designing threat models and hands-on participation together with cyber security specialists and interns to execute tests. A growth-driven role that will let the candidate experience end-to-end cybersecurity activities.


  • Establish, execute and optimize repeatable cyber security risk assessment procedures
  • Design and requirements specification for secured coding and network design
  • Design and implement cryptography applicable to security needs
  • Develop security remediation and improvement requirements definition
  • Assist in the development of overarching security roadmap
  • Threat modeling
  • Monitor effectivity of cyber security activities
  • Monitor and guide the engineering team on implementing security remediation and improvement activities
  • Independent completion of security related activities
  • Contribute to technical decisions. Development of technical approach to decisions made.
  • Lead  security knowledge transfers, awareness programs, trainings and special interest group interactions both internal and external engagements.
  • Proactive research and development for technical and process best practices related to cyber security.
  • Coordinate with project and program managers to include cyber security related activities to their plans.


  • Software engineering background is preferred and have knowledge in OSI and software ecosystems.
  • Solid grasp of Cybersecurity (application and networking) and networking fundamentals.
  • Good fundamentals in cryptography and its practical applications for security.
  • Demonstrable verbal and written communication skills. Fluent and good command of the English language.
  • Ability to work with mathematical concepts such as probability and statistical inference
  • Understanding of data-driven analyses
  • Ability to understand and create data visualizations
  • Can write code primarily for use in new tools in programming languages like Python, Ruby, SCALA, C++ or similar.
  • Knows how to use and install KALI Linux
  • Knows how to use the security testing tools available for use within KALI linux
  • Understands security testing requirements of hosting providers such as AWS, Azure etc.
  • Have gone thru full or in partial one or more security compliance auditing.
  • Designing threat models is good to have.
  • Certified good moral character, from at least 2 independent sources
  • Proactive researcher in terms of cyber security

Soft Skills:

  • Independent: Can work independently and as well as a team
  • Collaborator: understands that there is always a greater team
  • Simplicity: Can explain security-related technical details in plain language
  • Assertive: Can exert and articulate security requirement in clear, concise and assertive fashion
  • Analytical: Strong analysis and technical writing skills.
  • Adaptive: Ability to deal with different kinds of people of various roles
  • Self-starter: creative, aggressive, smart, polished, with meticulous attention to detail.

Nice to Have:

  • BS or advanced degree in IT or related disciple is highly desirable. Equivalent degrees or professional experience are also welcome.
  • Has strong ethics
  • Training, formal or informal, in network and cybersecurity
  • 3 years in Software Engineering/IT and 2 or more years working with cyber security
  • Professional experience with a networking or cyber security consulting firm a plus
  • Strong understanding with opensource technologies a plus

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