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About the job Conversation Designer

Job Description

Key Position Responsibilities:

  • Lead designer to create consumer-facing chatbots that are channel-customized across Chat, Messaging, SMS, etc., contextual, optimized and personalized.
  • Liaison between AI/Client Product team, legal, compliance, etc. to ensure that the chatbot delivers intelligent and intuitive conversations for ease of customer understanding while meeting legal/regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Spearhead copywriting of a new language, rewriting existing language (i.e. FAQs, SOPs), creative conception, and overall content library management.
  • Develop conversation flows and all other creative chatbot-related items to guide the process of designing, deploying and maintaining the bot conversational experience, and help set the standards and principles for effective conversational engagement with clients.
  • Work closely with Software Engineers, Designers, Business Analysts, Sales and vendor partners to assess use cases - including the context, the topics, and the types of questions and implement the intents that define the conversation interaction - along with the associated utterances, entities, business rules, and so forth.

Key Demonstrated Experience and Qualifications:

  • [Creative Product Design]: Operates with a 'customer first' mindset and designs client-centric experiences end-to-end to solve inquiries via multiple channels & touchpoints. Starts with customer empathy and always includes a passion for products, down to the smallest details. Insight into how digital is impacting customer experience and industry.
  • [Editorial Mindset] Expertise in web publishing, content optimization across social / media / mobile platforms, drafting memos and internal communication, copywriting and media briefs, and ability to research/predict audience preferences

Minimum Qualifications

  • Proven work experience as a content developer/copywriter within a high-pressure environment
  • The editorial mindset with an ability to predict audience preferences
  • Expertise publishing and optimizing content across social media platforms
  • Excellent communication and writing skills in English
  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Journalism or relevant field
  • Must have an analytical background and experience managing/organizing information to identify trends and extract key conclusions
  • 1-2+ years' experience in technical writing, linguistic analysis, copy editing, or similar role preferred, in Content development roles (agency and/or clients)
  • Familiarity with chatbots, voice-enabled devices, or other conversational channels preferred
  • Passion and knowledge of customer experience best practices
  • Innovative thinker with the ability to challenge the status quo and come up with creative solutions to solve problems and overcome hurdles
  • Team player with excellent interpersonal skills and ability to influence, collaborate and communicate to internal resources and external vendors

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