Job Description:

This role is a Content Designer and Creator coordinating with KBTG Corporate Communication team in order to effectively convey and communicate within company's vision, mission and technical expertise, as well as the Internal Company's activities.

The objective of this role is to make audiences understand the company's goals better. Also to captivate and inspire as well as enhance audience experiences through all media channels effectively.

The ideal candidate will not only be passionate but also have a deep understanding of how to deliver company messages successfully. The candidate will have creative ideas on how to reach, engage and retain audience in a meaningful way.

Role and Responsibilities :

  • Design and produce content through various media such as website, social media, community blogs and etc.
  • Ensure the company vision and brand image is communicated correctly and effectively
  • Maintain and monitor all content to be in line with the Company concept (i.e. Innovation & Technology articles, Technical Contents, Company Culture and etc.) and reflecting best company brand awareness
  • Ensure all content is up-to-date with occuring situation
  • Initiate new methods/technique to acquire attractive content
  • Be able to come up with creative ideas towards any given topic or situation


  • Experience in writing IT or Technology content is an advantage
  • Require at least 3 years of relevant experience i.e. content creator, magazine editor, blogger
  • Bachelor or Master Degree in IT, Communication Arts, Journalism or relating fields

Working Place:

KBTG Building, Chang Wattana, Nonthaburi, Thailand