Job Openings SQA Engineer

About the job SQA Engineer


Test Script Development and Maintenance:
Take ownership of test script development and maintenance, ensuring test scripts are up to date and robust.Manage and expand the test script library to improve testing efficiency.

Performance Testing:
Lead the creation of performance test models and oversee performance testing activities. Analyze and optimize system performance, reliability, scalability, and security.

Usability Testing:
Conduct and supervise usability testing to ensure the system's user-friendliness and overall user experience.

Communication and Reporting:
Effectively communicate testing activities, findings, and results to stakeholders, including both verbal and written communication.

Ensure comprehensive documentation of test plans, test cases, and test results.

Internal Quality Assurance:
Drive internal quality assurance efforts, ensuring that the product consistently meets established quality standards.

Risk Management:
Identify risks and develop mitigation strategies, actively working to prevent and address potential issues.

Corner Case Identification:
Leverage experience and expertise to identify system corner cases easily, ensuring thorough test coverage.

Platform Independence:
Lead testing efforts across multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, web portals, and backend systems. Adapt to different technology stacks as required.

White Box and Black Box Testing:
Conduct both white box and black box testing, providing comprehensive assessment from various angles.

API Testing:
Apply strong API testing knowledge to ensure data interactions between system components are reliable.

Team Collaboration:
Be a strong team player, actively participating in cross-functional teams and leading in release deployments to production.

Self-Directed Work:
Demonstrate the ability to work independently and complete assigned activities without constant supervision.

Communication Skills:
Exhibit excellent verbal and written communication skills, including advanced interpersonal and presentation abilities.

QA Tools Familiarity:

Be proficient with QA application tools such as Nightwatch, Selenium, and Cucumber.