Job Openings Attending Physician

About the job Attending Physician

Universal Health Corporation (UHC) has an opening for a part-time or full-time Attending Physician who is interested in working in a post-acute and long-term care environment delivering exceptional care to patients. Our goal is to reduce the number of patients sent back to the hospital by providing excellent healthcare within each facility.

This is a truly FLEXIBLE position where you can set your schedule each week the primary responsibility of this role is to establish a plan of care for all new patients and to round weekly in each facility. You will have a talented team of Advanced Practice Providers and support staff to assist and support you in the day-to-day direct patient care.

This is a great opportunity to work independently and enjoy meaningful work caring for a geriatric population in need of compassionate and caring providers. We offer EXTREMELY competitive pay and an EXCEPTIONAL work environment. Our company is growing rapidly, thus we can offer an opportunity for further growth and development in the future.

Qualifications: Doctorate of Medicine required (M.D. / D.O.)

Location: We are seeking physicians for locations throughout Virginia and North Carolina. Let us know where you reside and we will likely have an opportunity within your region.

We are seeking physicians who will share in our Vision and embrace our Company Culture we are seeking physicians who are:


You care and you care deeply. The well-being of your patients is your primary driver. You also care about every person and the resources that effect your patients wellness. Your genuine compassion influences every relationship and the decisions you make each day. We are determined to provide excellent Clinical Care with compassion.


You are determined to be the best you can be. This strong motivation compels you to learn. You observe, listen and acquire new information in order to be better. You humbly recognize that you have not yet arrived, but you consistently press toward that mark, your personal best. UHC creates the environment for you to realize that goal.


You are confident in your achieved level of professional proficiency. Your demeanor while humble exudes self-assurance. Your consistent, proven work ethic joined with your broad knowledge of medical procedures communicates comfort, peace and hope to your patients. These patients are your personal responsibility and youve got this! And because you do, so does UHC.


You are an integral part of the success of UHC. You are respected and valued as a member of our team and we benefit from your unique contribution. Your professional attributes and dedication to our mission enable us to fulfill our promises. Together we provide excellent Clinical Care.


You are devoted. Your sense of calling makes your work much more than just a job. Your patients are people with names, feelings and rich histories. They deserve the best medical care they can get and you intend to give it. UHC is committed to be the absolute best in our field.