Job Openings Principal (Head of School)

About the job Principal (Head of School)

Our client is a special needs school based in Accra and formed to provide academic and vocational education to Persons with Intellectual Disability. 

They are looking to appoint an enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated Head of School to lead the superb leadership team with a start date June 20th, 2021.

Job Description

The Principal works alongside the Board, Executive Director, and Senior Teachers to drive the School’s vision and mission and align them with all School endeavours.


The Principal reports directly to the Executive Director and to the NHSS Board of Director.

 Executive Duties

            Represent the School with clients/parents, regulators, suppliers, investors, and partners as and when required.

            Ensure the Executive Director and Board are consistently kept up-to-date with developments in the School operations.

            Identify opportunities in industry developments, assessing the competitive landscape in Ghana and Africa, and makes recommendations for remaining competitive, taking into account the unique non-profit nature of the School.

            Support the Board of Directors in developing and executing strategic initiatives that support the vision of the School.



            Oversee the Admissions process

            Oversee, supervise, and implement internal and external Community Projects for students

            Oversee, supervise and implement Volunteer/Intern placement and integration



     Establish the School master schedule, ensuring sequential learning experiences for students, regular assessments,

            Develop and implement the curriculum, as well as initiatives and programs that secure improved teaching and learning outcomes

            Maintain a continuous assessment of curriculum development across the School, constantly upgrading the quality and effectiveness program

            Introduce and encourage the use of current initiatives

Standards and Development

            Develop, monitor and evaluate the role and responsibilities of the teachers

     Develop assessment and moderation systems to train and support teachers in their assessment for and of learning

          Present sustainable Development Planning strategies, identifying School needs, and reporting on approved initiatives from the Development Plan

            Maintain a chart of the learning needs of all staff in the School and their impact on standards, and proposing strategies to meet these needs and ultimately secure whole School improvement

            Ensure all staff contribute to effective School evaluation and improvement processes


IT and Data Collection

      Introduce and use current tools and technology for data collection and analysis of teaching outcomes, and of performance data to raise teaching standards and outcomes.

            Introduce and use technologies to support teaching and learning in the classroom and in vocational.


Record Keeping

            Supervise and oversee inventory systems for School materials and equipment, and confidential students medical and evaluation records.

            Oversee filing of all required reports regarding violence, vandalism, attendance and discipline matters, ensuring that students, staff, and parents comply with all national laws, as well as School board policies.



            Assist with fundraising efforts of the School's charity Foundation

            Assist the Finance Office in preparation of budgets for grant proposals

            Liaise with key personnel and our partners on fundraising initiatives

            Play a leadership role in developing and nurturing relationships with institutional or private major donors

            Be available to introduce campaigns and major gift initiatives to the Public



            Review budget requests and approve employee purchases for School supplies

            Plan, monitor, and/or implement income/expenditure trends

            Ensure department managers operate within budget constraints

            Ensure department managers meet submission deadlines

            Anticipate future budget trends

            Suggest spending improvements to minimize costs where necessary

            Support the Finance Office in ensuring that School-fees are paid in a timely and regulated manner.

            In conjunction with the Finance Office, present the Annual Budget to the Board for review



            Notify immediately the Board, and personnel and agencies when there is evidence of substance abuse, child abuse, child neglect, severe medical or social conditions, potential suicide or students appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances.

            Ensure all responsibilities and accountabilities are understood and acted on by the senior educators

            Supervise the exclusion from School of any pupil, staff or teacher who shows departure from normal health, who has been exposed to a communicable disease, or whose presence may be detrimental to the health and cleanliness of other pupils.

            Monitor staff compliance with all School regulations, make appropriate reports to the Board, and implement Board decisions for disciplinary procedures or removal as needed.



            Essential Qualifications

            Bachelor’s degree;

            Five years practical teaching experience in education

            Five years administrative experience in Special Needs Education or similar, at a senior level;

            Proven ability to create and maintain a strong commitment to a Special Needs Curriculum

            Good written reporting and IT skills


Desirable Qualifications

            Master’s Degree in Education, or related field,

            Professional Development Training

            Ability to lead and to build teams; including line management and remote management;

            Experience and knowledge of fundraising, public relations and communication

            Prior experience of writing fund raising proposals and working with donor organizations to secure funds

            Evidence of well-developed planning skills

            Strong IT skills