Job Openings Pharmaceutical - Human Resource Manager

About the job Pharmaceutical - Human Resource Manager

Our client in the pharmaceutical industry is looking for a competent HR Manager to come into a newly set up department & oversee all HR responsibilities.

Key Objectives
To provide full support to CEO, Directors and staff on all HR matters, in a responsive, timely and, where appropriate, pro-active way and in line with the group policies.
To provide a comprehensive HR advisory service to the Company.
• To ensure managers and new recruits have the necessary skills tools, etc to manage their people more effectively
• To ensure that all projects have a consistent application of HR policies, processes and procedures
• To provide an environment and culture where the company can recruit, develop and retain talented people to fulfil the present and future needs of the business.


1. Filter speculative and other applications received and respond appropriately
2. Assist managers with advertising/interview/selection arrangements.
3. Interview potential staff and trainees with Managers and assist in the selection process
4. Manage the process of new appointments from offer to induction/orientation and ensure terminations are handled expeditiously and appropriately.
5. In conjunction with management establish and maintain a system for the forecast of resource needs taking into account turnover fluctuation and shifting skill-base demand. 6. Supply resource data as required to update management and to demonstrate issues and trends which will impact on the business.
7. Draw the attention of management and retention issues.
8. Work with Directors to forecast and fulfil succession planning requirements.
9. Ensure transfer arrangements are fully communicated.
10. Maintain staff records including attendance sheets, absence records.
11. Provide staff data as required by Senior Management.

HR Process:
1. Ensure that centrally established HR processes are adopted and delivered without compromise including and especially disputes and performance management procedures and application of the job and car grade matrix.
2. Participate in the design and update of HR processes to meet the needs of the business.
3. Ensure that benefits provided are both appropriate and within Policy guidelines – eg Company cars, overtime, Personal Health Care, Allowances etc.
4. Provide particular support and guidance for trainees including communication with Colleges.
5. Maintain the necessary records to support the training programs.

Training and Development:
1. Collaborate with management to identify emerging or potential training and development needs.
2. Participate in Training Needs Analyses.
3. Recognise and work with management to encourage the development of particular talent.
4. Challenge and coach management in how they manage Human Resources.
5. Ensure that training records are maintained.
6. Prompt and support management in respect of the application of the appraisal and other processes.
7. To manage surveys-organisational and 360 – for different parts of the organisation
8. To build and maintain a database of key suppliers of training and development who provide and could provide services to the group