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In short, this means: in the spring, disking, breaking up the soil, then using a side hoe to break up the whole orchard and till it. This is followed by continuous mowing with a tractor, and in the summer, delivery of fruit from the orchard to the cold store by trailer. After harvesting, mowing work in the orchard. This is followed either by mechanical pruning and branch crushing or by nutrient application with a fertiliser sprayer or individually modified sprayer. In the autumn, mainly after pruning, branching and twig pulling. They are expected to work conscientiously and with respect for the machine and its surroundings, to respect the machine they are using, to use it properly and to use the tools attached to it as described above. Carry out daily, weekly, maintenance. Assisting with mandatory oil changes, keeping a machine logbook.

The types of machines that will be used are: the Antonio Carraro TGF 10400 plantation tractor, the Deutz Fahr Agrofarm 420 medium tractor, the MTZ 892.2 tractor. All of these machines are 5 years old or younger, well maintained in good condition and constantly serviced. From 2022 onwards we will be moving to precision farming, data based farming, so we have two machines with more advanced equipment (automatic steering, GPS based tool planning...) so if such a qualified person is possible we might be interested.