Job Openings Plumber

About the job Plumber

    Install, repair and maintain a variety of plumbing and piping, and pumping systems and equipment.
  • Trace and identify causes of plumbing and piping system leaks or malfunctions and restore to approved operating standards.
  • Plan and modify plumbing and piping systems.
  • Read, interpret and work from blueprints, schematic diagrams, plans and specifications.
  • Estimate materials and costs of plumbing and piping systems installations and repairs.
  • Maintain accurate records and prepare reports.
  • Supervise workers assigned to assist.
  • Lift and move a variety of objects weighing up to 90 pounds, such as bags of cement and pumps.
  • Lift and move items such as pumps weighing up to 40 pounds overhead.
  • Perform tasks that require strength such as working a large roto-rooter machine, and moving pumps.
  • Perform tasks that require manual dexterity, such as repairing valves.
  • Perform tasks that require balance and flexibility such as crawling along narrow beams in an attic to access plumbing.
  • Discern color in order to work on electrical wiring and color-coded valves.
  • Distinguish sounds to determine leaks in water lines or problems in motors.
  • Put on, wear and use a self-contained breathing apparatus may be required.


Not more than 40 years old

High School or Vocational / Trade School Graduate

Physically fit