Job Openings Agricultural Mechanics

About the job Agricultural Mechanics

Motor, mechanical, hydraulic, machinery structures (shakers, trailers, farm implement repair) Flame, MMA, AWI, CO2 welder operation and experience in their use would be important. Repair work is mostly similar to locksmith work. Sometimes structural repairs such as trailer sidewall repairs, locksmith work, but mostly structural repairs and general service jobs (oil changes, wheel changes, filter changes, window replacements/unfortunately often broken in a fruit truck/)

Other requirements: For tractor drivers, a shorter (maximum 170 cm.) or normal build is preferable. Similar experience would be an advantage, and what would be important in this regard is that a large percentage of orchards are located in steep heavily sloping areas so they should be prepared for this, that in certain situations they need routine. At least 1-2 years experience in the trade

For Manpower pooling only