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Bringing healthcare professionals and facilities together

RN Staff Inc. is a nationwide healthcare recruiting and staffing company. We place Nurses across all specialties within all types of healthcare settings. We recruit qualified healthcare professionals in the U.S. and internationally to meet the needs of our diversified client base. The RN Staff team dedicates time to making long-term matches between our qualified clinical professionals and our client healthcare facilities in the United States. We look to fill both temporary and permanent staffing needs.


    • Assessing patients, ordering medical tests and developing treatment plans
    • Providing clinical expertise for complex cases and medical emergencies
    • Teaching patients and caregivers how to manage health conditions
    • Mentoring and educating nurses
    • Supervising nurses and ancillary staff
    • Researching their area of specialty
    • Writing and publishing academic papers
    • Creating scientific presentations
    • Creating, revising and implementing health care procedures, policies and training programs
    • Collecting data from patients and medical records to improve nursing services
    • Designing assessment tools to evaluate care and education programs and suggesting improvements
    • Allocating employer's resources, including nursing staff and funding


    • Registered Nurse or Active License
    • Fresh graduates are welcome
    • NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) Passer
    • With an Authority To Test (ATT) - Welcome to Apply!
    • With VISA Screen Certificate (VSC) or on-going VSC process is an advantage
    • With IELTS/OET/PTE (to follow if not yet available)


    • Non-NCLEX Passers can still apply
    • Immigrant Visa / Can bring family members to the U.S.A.
    • Can work anywhere in the U.S.A.
    • Flexibility in work conditions


    Working at Lifelinks International Resources Inc.