Job Openings Mechanical Technician-Pumps & Motors

About the job Mechanical Technician-Pumps & Motors

Inspect, diagnose and perform major and minor repair work on motors, pumps, hydraulic equipment, compressors, controls, valves and related equipment

Perform routine and preventative maintenance on pumps, motors, engines and compressors. Repair wastewater lift stations, storm drain stations, and water transfer pumps.

  • Installing and repairing pumps and other equipment, including replacing motors, seals, bearings, and other parts as needed
  • Inspecting pumps to determine any issues with wear and tear or damage, using tools such as ultrasonic testing equipment and bubble levels
  • Maintaining records of maintenance activities and repair work performed on pumps
  • Performing tests on new pumps to ensure they are operating correctly before they are installed into the system
  • Troubleshooting problems with pumps or other equipment to determine the cause of malfunctions
  • Repairing or replacing seals, bearings, couplings, or other components on pumps