Privacy Policy

Lifelinks International Resources, Inc. values the confidentiality of personal data. We are committed to comply with Republic Act 10173 otherwise known as "The Data Privacy Act of 2012’’ and EU General Data Protection Regulation.

The confidentiality and security of personal information is important to Lifelinks. All information captured by this Applicant Tracking System (MANATAL) is stored securely and will not be provided to any unauthorized third parties.

We commit to ensure an adequate level of data protection as prescribed by the National Privacy Commission and EU General Data Protection Regulation's directive of protecting individuals on data processing and movement of Personal Data.

Lifelinks collects, uses, processes, stores, and retains personal data when reasonable and necessary to perform our business processes effectively, safely, and efficiently and in accordance with our corporate policies and procedures.

With this, I hereby give my consent and agreement to Lifelinks International Resources, Inc. to store and process my personal data as provided for the purpose of my application, and in the course of my employment, as the company and its personnel find necessary in performing of their recruitment activities.  I further consent that Lifelinks International Resources, Inc. shall process and disclose my personal data to other partners, associates, and to third parties, such as, but not limited to all departments of Lifelinks, clients, applicable statutory and regulatory bodies, medical personnel, travel agents, who are directly or indirectly involved, or taking role, in my application and/or in any associated with-it activities, of whatsoever nature. 

For any Data Privacy concern, you may contact us at