Job Openings Senior Director of Advancement & Marketing

About the job Senior Director of Advancement & Marketing

Job Overview

The Senior Director of Advancement and Marketing will develop and manage fund development opportunities and partnerships to advance the organization's programmatic work and economic sustainability. Additionally, they will oversee marketing, branding, and communications efforts.

Job Responsibilities

Advancement and Development

Supervise, set direction, and support the goals of each member of the Advancement team. Ensure that each individual clearly understands their responsibilities and objectives.

Produce adequate funds for current operations, special projects, and capital growth.

Develop the annual Development Plan, aligned with the current strategic plan and strategic financial plan, in partnership with the Executive Director.

Develop and link the annual advancement budget to the priorities of the department and the institution.

Communicate a broad understanding and awareness of LIVE FREE USAs mission and programs.

Represent institutional development interests at the senior administrative level.

Direct all LIVE FREE USAs development efforts to increasing donor support year over year and broadening and diversifying the donor base.

Review annually the funds raised and develop strategies for increasing annual fundraising goals.

Provide regular performance feedback, including annual performance appraisals, to support each Advancement team member's professional growth and talents.

Create a culture and environment that encourages inclusiveness and teamwork.

Oversee all annual event planning and yearly solicitation strategy and schedule.

Develop strategic partnerships that advance the vision and mission of Live Free USA.

Implement processes to track partner engagement, revenue, and integration

Oversee events and campaigns that bolster those relationships and advance the work.

Oversee all grant applications and reporting.

Keep faculty and staff informed of fundraising efforts.

Work with the Chair of the Development Committee setting agendas, providing data, and coordinating all fundraising efforts.


    Plan and implement a comprehensive long-range internal and external communications/marketing plan, with annual review and evaluation.

    Develop and execute marketing, branding, and public communications goals and strategies for LIVE FREE USA.

    Designs and produces comprehensive media elements through current best practices, platform determination, benchmarking, messaging, and audience.

    Directs the generation of content (to include original text, images, video, website, and publications) in all areas of media, including social media, to build meaningful connections and communicate strategic messages.

    Manages content channels to ensure that all media/multimedia content is fresh, up-to-date, compelling, and accurately reflects organizational priorities.

    Train and manage all staff and consultants.

    Directly or indirectly supervise all assigned staff, usually through subordinate managers and supervisors.

    Interfaces or direct engagement with news outlets, social media, and community channels in all matters of communication to advance the message and vision of the organization.

    Establish and maintain an appropriate network of professional contacts.

    Screen, engage, and manage work provided by third-party outside vendors required to complete assignments to established standards effectively.

    Provide research, background information, appropriate materials, and recommended strategies for stewarding stakeholders.

    Supervisory Responsibilities

      Ensure that the job descriptions for each member of the staff are clear.

      Provide regular performance feedback, including goal-setting and performance appraisals, to support team members' professional growth.

      Be flexible and willing to do various tasks while the team is growing.


      While professional and educational background are important when evaluating candidate qualifications, we know that an individual's lived experience is also a key factor when assessing their ability to be successful in a role.

      Minimum Requirements:

        Commitment to the mission

        Significant personal involvement in fundraising and communications.

        Track record of moving comfortably among people of wealth and influence, soliciting gifts directly from high-net-worth individuals, foundations, and other giving sources.

        Well-versed in strategic planning, with skills that include creative thinking, extensive research and analysis, critical reflection, tough-mindedness, and practical execution.

        Natural "networker" adept at developing and maintaining relationships with potential and current donors.

        Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

        Ability to oversee a department and motivate and manage people while also acting as a professional mentor to build on the skills and strengths of direct reports.

        Skills to effectively use various programs and software, including database programs.