Job Openings Web Developer (Health-Tech)

About the job Web Developer (Health-Tech)

Job Summary
Web Developer responsible for managing the interchange of data between the server and the users, as well as translating the UI/UX design wireframes to actual code that will produce the visual elements of the application. Also design the overall architecture of the web application and evolve it to ensure maximum performance and stability. This position will report directly to the Director of Engineering. 

Create a formalized structure for a fuzzy problem and implement solutions independently 
Troubleshoot a range of different class of problems 
Use design patterns effectively 
Good understanding of system libraries and their application 
Write extensible code with good abstractions and separation of concerns 
Provides inputs for functional test coverage 
Well versed with object-oriented design 
Do high level design with guidance 
Enables good abstractions and separation of concerns 
Understands the aspect of performance and scalability 
Contribute to improvement in performance of APIs/Database queries/critical functions etc. 
Takes architectural components into account during design/coding and enable changes with guidance 
Understands CI/CD architecture 
Demonstrates good degree of predictability (estimation, planning) in delivery with guidance 
Demonstrates proactive communication and ability to manage dependencies effectively 
Ability to understand and follow, Agile practices and Build, Release and Deployment process
Share work done through email broadcasts, brown bag sessions, informal sharing sessions

Minimum 4 years of relevant experience 
Overall 6 years of industry experience 
Experience in HTML5, CSS3, Angular 2+, React JS and web technologies 
Bootstrap and CSS frameworks 
Experience with JavaScript frameworks and responsive web design 
Proficiency in RESTful API frameworks 
Familiarity with popular JS libraries and Web security 
Good to have: 
o Knowledge of AWS, GCP or Azure Cloud technologies 
o Building REST APIs and API proxies using Java, nodejs or Golang frameworks 
o My SQL, Postgres or any other SQL or NOSQL databases. 
English proficiency is a must