Job Openings ConnectX | Solution Consultant and Data Analyst

About the job ConnectX | Solution Consultant and Data Analyst


  • Design and create training materials.
  • Analyze and segment customer data using SQL.
  • Design technical solution based on marketing requirement.
  • Analyze campaign result and present suggestion to customer.
  • Provide advisory to customer on marketing solution best practice.
  • Configure software (CRM, CDP, SEO, SEM, Marketing Automation Tool is a plus).
  • Understand overall technology used in the project and be able to discuss integration.
  • Understand customer goals and challenges and establish solution as the best solution available.

Required Skills:

  • B.S. Computer Science, Software Engineering, IT, MIS, MBA, or related fields.
  • Experience 3+ years in Software development or system implementation is a plus.
  • Good skill in Data Preparation and Analysis.
  • Experience in HTML/CSS is a plus.
  • Experience in Software or Application development and SQL is a plus.
  • Experience in CRM solution, Marketing solution, Marketing tools, Marketing Automation Tool, Salesforce is a plus.
  • Experience in Salesforce, ERP, SAP, SAS, SEO, SEM, CRM solution or Digital Consulting is a plus.
  • Experience in Software and Architecture design, Software development life cycle is a plus.
  • Experience in Creating Business Diagram, Flowchart, Database or Power BI, Database Schema design.
  • Good communication of both spoken and written in English and/or TOEIC Score 600+, TOEFL (Paper, CBT, IBT), IELTS 5.0+ is a plus.
  • You need to know about Salesforce, What is Salesforce, What is CDP, What is CRM in Salesforce? and What does Salesforce or CDP do?