Job Openings Junior Mechanical Draughtsperson

About the job Junior Mechanical Draughtsperson

The Draughtsman is responsible for taking concepts or processes that have been proposed by the customer / design department and developing it into a full 3D concept and workable solution. Our company's work is focused mainly on design and manufacturing of incinerators and incineration plants, as well as all associated heat recovery and filtration equipment. Please note that any industry or equipment specific knowledge required will be provided through training.

The role will entail the following:

  • Designing and draughting of the equipment that is used in the above-mentioned applications. This will require a 3D model to be drawn from concept or modification of an existing design. Drawings will consist of a complete 3D model, set of manufacturing drawings, including, General Arrangement, Plant layouts, Laser Cutting, etc.
  • Drawing pipework and ancillary items to tie process equipment together.
  • The following are items that typically need to be considered during modelling:
  • Transportation: Cradles, Rigging methods, Container constraints, customer site constraints, truck layouts.
  • Electrical: Electrical panel placement, cable runs, cable supports, lighting push buttons, motors, heating elements, instrumentation etc.
  • Printing: Name plates, Decals, Hose collars, Tags.
  • Documentation: All drawings are updated, and the final product matches the general arrangement drawings.
  • Good drawing time management is essential.
  • Plan a full set of drawings and estimate drawing time required with your manager.
  • At times it will be required to go to site and sketch up equipment or plantrooms and take a full set of dimensions. These trips will also require some customer interaction.
  • Ensuring projects are filed logically and as per procedure during and after projects.
  • Ensuring drawing and standard component libraries are always kept neat and functional and design considerations are documented and filed into the correct project.
  • Good housekeeping of drawing folders and files.