Job Openings Corporate Brand Executive

About the job Corporate Brand Executive

Strategy Budget and Plan

  • Observing cost efficiency at all times while not compromising quality / deadlines / collaboration with third party as per approved guidelines & budget.
  • Overseeing the execution of strategic business plans as per approved budget and timeline.
  • Managing the implementation of Marketing Activities, Communication, Media & PR plans in timely manner.
  • Developing the brands business plan based on brand strategy and positioning.
  • Managing and ensuring to maintain the P&L agreed on for the brand in each country.
  • Managing and ensuring the fulfillment of the sell-out set target by brand by trade channel, by customer across the countries.

Sales Performance:

  • Defining and ensuring the achievement of the brands sell-in & sell-out target by country, by trade channel, by customer by SKU.
  • Ensuring the promotors maintain the highest product knowledge in order to achieve the monthly sell-out target by SKU.
  • Maintaining brand set margin by country as per the budget set.
  • Ensure the brand registration of all SKUs in all countries through the regulatory affairs specialist.
  • 360-degree branding to build and maintain brand image with various channels.
  • Coaching the sales team to ensure continuous development and proper communication of all projects with respective people within the company.

Market Penetration:

  • Overlooking & strategizing communications & negotiations with international & local suppliers.
  • Planning and directing the country sales team with all needed guidance in terms of agreements negotiation, RSP discounts as well as the terms and conditions to secure the set margins by brand.
  • Provide feedback to commercial department in relations to new brands / product portfolio based on market feedback and opportunities.
  • Analyzing the market for the new business expansion opportunities in relevant trade channels & taking timely action.

Inventory Analysis:

  • Monitoring the stock levels of the assigned brands, identify product movement, excess stock and ensuring the set plans by supply chain is executed accordingly.
  • Taking timely actions on the aging stocks and ensuring the movement of items based on the expiry dates to avoid losses due to expired stocks.

Marketing Analysis:

  • Conducting Market research studies covering all business-related aspects such as market dynamics, competitive analysis, price collections, clients satisfaction, best practices across industry etc.
  • Executing the timely market visits as to better understand the industry, best practices and maintaining proper inbound / outbound marketing by visiting the assigned countries.
  • Regular monitoring and reporting the international as well as local market trends to identify opportunities and potential portfolio expansion.