Job Openings Marketing Coordinator

About the job Marketing Coordinator

  • Carry out the tasks outlined in the marketing strategy. Which include setting up promotions at salons, arranging product displays, managing in-salon activations, coordinating influencer partnerships, executing email marketing campaigns, posting on social media, etc.
  • You will act as a key point of contact between the marketing team, salons, influencers, and any external agencies. Ensure all parties have the necessary information and resources to successfully carry out their parts of the marketing plan.
  • Participate for any in-person activities or events. You need to oversee the set-up, manage the activities, and ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Gathering feedback, checking on the progress of a promotion, confirming the receipt of deliveries, etc.
  • Collect data from executed activities, organize it, and report it to the marketing executive. This can include sales data, engagement metrics, feedback, and any issues or challenges encountered.
  • Needs to handle various administrative tasks associated with marketing initiatives, such as scheduling deliveries, managing inventory, arranging catering or other event-related services, etc.
  • Responsible for to find solutions for any issues arise during the execution of a marketing initiative, 
  • Ensure all marketing materials and initiatives adhere to brand standards and quality expectations.