Mahi 4 The Future Recruitment was set up to be something more than just a recruitment business. Mahi 4 The Future was set up to change the current stature of recruitment, employment and the New Zealand Economy. 

Employers - To work with employers to strengthen their businesses and workforces by way of providing comprehensive and innovative recruitment solutions. Whilst building strong relationships to stand the test of time. 

Whilst providing employers with:

- Te Reo and Tikanga based Education & Training to their workforce

- Temp Staffing Solutions that bring change, by way of developing temps and helping temproary workers to create and achieve goals towards their understanding of success 

- Permanent Staffing Solutions that are comprehensive, valuable and stand the test of time currently and into the future. 

- Change Management by way of walking into a business and supporting the direction and values of the business to provide substantive valued work with restructure, conflict management and implementation design


To build confidence, change and focus towards being better and better everyday, being the main driver of smashing goals and setting their goals along with providing comprehensive support to our candidates whether Temp or Permanent

We treat our candidates like they are family and maintain contact now and into the future if not weekly, monthy to ensure that our staff are fully equipped for the success that they are bound to run into. 

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