Job Openings Field Supervisor (Southdale Deepwell Project, Calamba Laguna )

About the job Field Supervisor (Southdale Deepwell Project, Calamba Laguna )

Manage project implementation and complete within target completion date, within approved budget and

zero accident.

Deliver project development and strategies in alignment with the concerned stakeholders and

Construction Manager and/or Sr. construction Manager in delivering projects within defined Project

Delivery performance metrics.

Perform project risk assessment, identify mitigating actions and recommend approaches to

the problems in preventing project delays with compliance to construction safety.

Execute procedural and process of project management/supervision in achieving team goals

or performing team functions; provide necessary resources or help to remove obstacles to

team accomplishments.

Supervise project execution in accordance with contract specification in delivering quality of works and

without back jobs.

Implement project execution plan from commencement to closeout including Project Hand Over to


Provide comprehensive analysis and recommendations in project implementation in ensuring

full compliance with the contract documents through acquired knowledge and experiences in

construction management.

Monitor and supervise contractors activities and progress of work in full compliance with contract

documents and plans.

Create project folder and maintain project documentations. Prepare daily activity and weekly

accomplishment reports.

Forecasts and mitigates construction risk impact on time and cost to prevent delays in project

schedules and achieving revenues targets.

Works in collaboration with other departments and stakeholders in achieving project goals.

Identify and assess construction hazards and provide risk control from the beginning to end of

construction in attaining Zero Accident

Know his career aspiration and seek development opportunities to address current limitations

and areas for improvement.

Review, evaluate and validate the accuracy of contractor submitted WAR and claims prior to

submitting to client for acknowledgement.


Other Responsibilities (For All Roles)

Performs other related functions inherent in team operation, acts as corporate resource and performs other tasks

assigned by higher management.