Job Openings Training Manager

About the job Training Manager

Assess Training Needs:

  • Identify gaps in training content and materials related to all the processes of ACH HF
  • Research and update training supplies and materials to enhance current training procedures.

Curriculum Development:

  • Review, or create a curriculum to address current and future training needs
  • Develop programs to assist employees during transitions.
  • Tailor training programs to address specific process and training gaps.

Leadership & Management:

  • Report training related issues, wins and challenges, progress to the ACH HF leadership team
  • Create a development program for SMEs and Trainers within the Training Team

Team Collaboration:

  • Identify areas of opportunities based on quality results and mitigate knowledge and skills gaps through the creation of processes that will make training, operations and quality teams accountable for the results
  • Foster teamwork and communication to break down silos within the organization.
  • Transition of Work and Mobilization. Takes leadership in all transition of work projects from the US to the Philippines including reporting, problem resolution, initiation and stabilization of the process.

Compliance and Confidentiality: Ensure regulatory compliance across all training functions as well as maintaining patient confidentiality and data privacy.