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About the job People Ops (Latitud)

Job Description

Join the early days of an organization advancing the tech startup ecosystem in Latin America! At Latitud, we are focused on elevating the next generation of startups in Latin America. There is so much friction for startups and we truly believe that they are an incredible lever for economic progress and social mobility. We started as a community to help support founders and we have since evolved into a tech company that builds infrastructure to reduce friction for early stage startups so they can focus on their product and customers. 

You could think of Latitud as the OS for startups in Latin America. So far, founders love us. 

Latitud was created by Brian Requarth, who founded, scaled and sold Viva Real for US$600M, Gina Gotthilf, who led growth at Duolingo from 3M to 200M users, and Yuri Danilchenko, who scaled product & engineering at Kaszek-backed Escale. 

Latitud is at a very exciting moment, we just raised a $11.5M Seed led by a16z and NfX and another $1.5M from the community. This means we are growing and you will have the opportunity to contribute to the strategy and culture we build together.

The role

You'll be joining Latitud as one of our first People team members and will help us to build the people function from scratch, including projects related to onboarding, talent acquisition, talent management, learning, and development, etc.

You will

  • People Ops:
    • Support the HRIS and ATS implementation and maintain it up to date (responsible for people documentation management).
    • Partner with the Head of People to revamp the Onboarding process company-wide
    • Benchmark data to support the creation of different policies like PTO, leaves, Performance, etc
    • Point of contact for our Latituders in terms of any people topic-related support (policies, talent, mentoring, etc)
  • Talent Acquisition:
    • Sourcing: building talent pipelines and being the point of contact for candidates during the recruiting process lifecycle. Maintain an active sourcing pipeline for the open roles.
    • Support on the first People Screening interview
    • Follow up on the operation of the Employee Referral Program
  • Culture:
    • Being an ambassador of our culture
    • Promote different activities to help build a healthy remote work culture
    • Own Latitud Virtues with Leadership

You Are

  • **People person. **Have strong employee-relations skills with attention to diverse international culture; must be approachable and able to earn trust and credibility with employees in the organization.
  • A fast learner. We don't expect you to know everything about People processes, but we'd love to see you ramping quickly.
  • Proactive. Known for being proactive: you don't wait for instructions if you can see opportunities to help or improve something.
  • Kind and helpful. You enjoy going out of your way to help others around you.
  • Emotionally and Socially smart. You enjoy building new relationships and pride yourself on your ability to read and understand other humans' needs.

Required Skills

  • Fluent English
  • Working background on People areas related (at least 2 years of experience)
  • Previous experience managing people data

Preferred Skills

  • Fluent Portuguese
  • Previous experience implementing an HRIS and used to work with EOR tools like Deel

Why Latitud?

You'll love working with us if you want to...

  • Learn from the best minds in the ecosystem (entrepreneurs, VCs, and operators at top startups).
  • Make a memorable difference in the trajectory of the next generation of world-class tech companies coming out of Latin America.
  • Be part of a mission-driven organization from its very early days, helping shape its future significantly.
  • Thrive in a flexible, innovation-focused environment that welcomes new ideas and tools.
  • Work alongside well-connected industry thought leaders.
  • Be part of an awesome team. Our small team is A+ :)

You will not love working with us if you want to...

  • Work at an established, process-oriented, 9-5 company with a well-defined role.
  • Find problems but not jump to help solve them.
  • Have a very clear career ladder at your next job rather than help build it.


  • Work from anywhere (100% remote)
  • Generous equity
  • Health insurance covered 100% (including dependents)
  • Monthly Co-working allowance or annual Home Office bonus
  • Generous parental leave and paid vacation
  • Two international team trips per year on us!