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About the job Admissions Lead (Latitud)

Job Description

Join the early days of an organization advancing the tech startup ecosystem in Latin America! At Latitud, we are focused on elevating the next generation of startups in Latin America. There is so much friction for startups and we truly believe that they are an incredible lever for economic progress and social mobility. We started as a community to help support founders and we have since evolved into a tech company that builds infrastructure to reduce friction for early-stage startups so they can focus on their product and customers. You could think of Latitud as the OS for startups in Latin America. So far, founders love us. 

Latitud was created by Brian Requarth, who founded, scaled, and sold Viva Real for US$600M, Gina Gotthilf, who led growth at Duolingo from 3M to 200M users, and Yuri Danilchenko, who scaled product & engineering at Kaszek-backed Escale. Latitud is at a very exciting moment, we just raised an $11.5M Seed led by a16z and NfX and another $1.5M from the community. This means we are growing and you will have the opportunity to contribute to the strategy and culture we build together.

The job:

TLDR, Every cohort, we receive 700+ applications from high-caliber founders and angel investors in LATAM. Defining the strategy, tools, and processes to create a flawless experience for applicants while ensuring we are selecting the best candidates is fundamental to Latitud. Your responsibilities include and are not limited to:

  • Research, create and optimize cross-program admission strategy;
  • Manage the end-to-end process of admissions from growth strategies, applications, applicant support, pre-screening, interviewing, and offers.
  • Work with growth to deploy different acquisition and outreach efforts;
  • Review a large volume of founders' applications;
  • Work with product to optimize all the systems and process revamps and iterations
  • Work with content to own and update all communications flows
  • Handle all inbound questions and application update requests from applicants
  • Coordinate the strategy and execution of the interview scheduling across the organization
  • Design all interview squad materials
  • Train and support interview squad members
  • Conduct user research to provide valuable insights
  • Manage the cohort composition dashboard

You are:

  • You are a natural community builder.
  • Preferably you have previous experience in recruiting or admissions
  • You have startup experience either as a founder or an employee in a product, HR customer support or operations role.
  • A typical week's work for the Admissions Lead could span reviewing applications, assisting founders with the application process, and collaborating with product and growth.

Why Latitud? You'll love working with us if you want to...

  • Learn from the best minds in the ecosystem (VCs, entrepreneurs, and team leads at top startups) as you make sure each event runs smoothly.
  • Make a memorable difference in the trajectory of the next generation of world-class tech companies coming out of Latin America.
  • Be part of a mission-driven organization from its very early days, helping shape its future significantly.
  • Work alongside well-connected industry thought leaders.
  • Thrive in a flexible, innovation-focused environment that welcomes new ideas and tools.
  • Be part of an awesome team. Our small team is A+ :)
  • Our team is 100% remote for the time being, however, we provide coworking and home office benefits to all collaborators.
  • Full benefits package including medical insurance, and flexible sick and vacation policy.

Why not Latitud? You will not love working with us if you want to...

  • Have a very well-defined job.
  • Work at an established, process-oriented company.
  • Work 9-5 hours.
  • Find problems but not jump to help solve them.
  • Have a very clear career ladder at your next job rather than help build it.
  • Avoid conversations about diversity. We are very pro-diversity and often brainstorm ways to improve it in our team and the startup ecosystem. If talking about gender, racial, etc. makes you uncomfortable or annoyed, this is not a great place for you.


  • Work from anywhere (100% remote)
  • Generous equity
  • Health insurance covered 100% (including dependents)
  • Monthly Co-working allowance or annual Home Office bonus
  • Generous parental leave and paid vacation
  • Two international team trips per year on us!