Job Openings Emergency Care Practitioner (ECP)

About the job Emergency Care Practitioner (ECP)

Medi Response has a vacancy for an operational Emergency Care Practitioner (ECP)) for our Johannesburg-based road operations. We are looking for dynamic practitioners with urban road operations experience who demonstrate our core values of passion, expertise and quality.


As an operational ECP, you will be responsible for responding to medical emergency call-outs and attending to advanced life support (ALS) inter-facility patient transfers within your scope of practice. You will be expected to provide emergency medical treatment and care in transit to patients serviced by Medi Response. You will need to ensure diligent keeping of medical records, including records pertaining to patient assessment, treatment provided and drug/medication administration.


  • Responding to emergency calls
  • Handling ALS/intensive care inter-facility transfers
  • Assessing patients, providing emergency treatment and monitoring and making preliminary diagnoses
  • Communicating effectively with Medi Response's clients, patients and other important stakeholders
  • Fulfil the role of a crew senior, ensuring that your shift is properly motivated and that basic on-duty tasks are done according to prescribed standards and company procedures


  • Advanced care/intensive care capability
  • Independent decision-making ability
  • Computer literacy (Microsoft Office suite)
  • Intrinsically motivated 
    Patient and client focused mindset and excellent interpersonal skills


 -      B.Tech EMC/B.EMC/B.Hsc EMC
 -      Current ACLS/ITLS/PALS certifications (preferred)
 -      CPG certifications up to date (essential)


  • Active registration with the HPCSA as an ECP
  • Drivers licence with valid professional driving permit (PrDP - passenger)
  • CPD compliant and in good standing with the HPCSA