Job Description

The Import Export Manager/Freight Allocation Manager/Freight Shipping Manager/Freight Documentation Manager/Freight Pricing Manager is responsible for managing and reviewing freight operational policies, standards and procedures in accordance to freight business and customers' needs, including implementation of freight solutions. He/She is also responsible for managing freight business resources, including manpower, internal assets and external vendors.

Resourceful and analytical, he/she is required to manage resources to obtain buy-in from internal and external stakeholders. He/She is also expected to lead a department, make business decisions independently and be accountable for the profit and loss of the department.

Responsibility includes :

  • Align resource management (manpower and asset) strategy with business strategy across different business activities.
  • Build a culture of business process improvements that extend beyond the project life cycle.
  • Communicate the importance of achieving cargo handling time frame outcomes with efficient use of resources.
  • Develop compliance strategy with internal stakeholders to achieve an acceptable level of internal compliance and industry standards.
  • Develop freight shipment solutions for improvements and/or closing gaps.
  • Drive business processes improvement solutions.
  • Drive corporate social responsibility policies for logistics operations.
  • Drive environmental protection policies and procedures.
  • Drive organisational discussion on adoption of the latest technology innovations.
  • Drive the successful completion of technology projects.
  • Educate employees on the variations in rating principles and state as well as operator variations.
  • Engage senior management for buy-in to implement solution identified.
  • Facilitate exception handling of cargo documentation process according to industry standards or sector requirements.
  • Influence stakeholders' perspectives of requirements and activities.
  • Maintain relationships with vendors, carriers, freight forwarders and port authorities to provide competitive shipping solutions to customers.
  • Manage carrier ranking or customer priority system to ensure strategic business is protected during periods of capacity shortage.
  • Manage performance of logistics partners to ensure compliance and alignment with customer requirements and contractual obligations.
  • Motivate colleagues at organisational level to develop innovative solutions.
  • Resolve escalated incidents and crisis arising from day-to-day operations.
  • Review changes in compliance/tariff/rate/cost/quotation requirements and eligibility to manage impact on compliance operations.