Job Openings Associate Operations Manager

About the job Associate Operations Manager


Department: Operations

Location: Anywhere in the Philippines (REMOTE)

Reports To: Director

Job Summary

The Associate Operations Manager is a training position to provide the associate with essential job knowledge and experience in order to perform as a future Operations Manager. The Associate Operations Manager assists the Operations Manager who makes final hire decisions for VA candidates to be on their team. The Associate Operations Manager will help train and assist in pairing the VA with Client Companies and will be the a secondary point of contact for the Clients if the Operations Manager is not available. After Client assignment, the Associate Operations Manager will meet with Clients to review VA performance and mentor and coach VAs for professional growth and development.

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Makes recommendations to hires or terminates Virtual Assistants on their team to the Operations Manager.

  • Reviews Client performance evaluations for their VAs

  • Mentors, coaches, and redirect VAs as needed

  • Help out in Recruitment, Training,  and Onboarding Process


  • Understand client expectations for their specific needs for a VA

  • Understand the contractual obligations between Mira and the Client

  • Works with software tools for VA recruiting and assessment

  • Works with Recruiting to review final VA candidates to present to their Clients for assignment

  • Works with HR for employee onboarding.

  • Trains VAs using LMS and instructor led sessions when necessary

  • Assists in the pairing process of matching VA candidates to the Client

  • Probes clients for future VA opportunities in different job roles.

  • Held accountable for Client satisfaction.

  • Alerts Sr. Operations Managers of any issues with Clients and/or VAs.

  • Keeps track of VA hours work and submits those to HR/Payroll for payroll processing.

  • Coordinates with Clients for VA time off or time worked for holidays, paid time off, client bonuses and commissions.

  • Ensures VA tracking data is accurate, up to date, and accessible to parties.

  • Does not share sensitive information to outside parties or to others within Mira who should not have that information.

Job Requirements

  • Strong initiative and highly self-motivated

  • Strong Operations experience specially for remote settings

  • Strong coaching skills

  • Very strong people skills; able to effectively interact with all personality types

  • Very high organizational skills

  • Attention to details

  • Able to follow and enforce policies and procedures for themselves, the VAs on their team, and their Clients

  • Very good English written and verbal communications skills

  • Must be the Ideal Team Player (humble, hungry, people smart)

  • Very strong desktop tools skills (Microsoft office, Google Suite (docs, sheets, etc.)

  • Able to work shift work as most Clients are based in U.S.

  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment

  • Must be reliable, proactive, dependable, flexible, mature, professional and punctual

Education and Experience

  • College degree

Physical Requirements

  • Good general health

System Requirements

  • Two (2) Computer Processors having at least i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, and Windows 10 or better operating system

  • Have 2 monitors for a desktop computer or one monitor to work in conjunction with a laptop.

  • Has two (2) forms of internet. Backup internet can be a hot spot on the cell phone or should have a back up location nearby. Primary internet must provide at least 100 Mbps on wired plan (computer is wired directly to the router).

  • Has a conducive work area