Job Openings Employer Branding Specialist

About the job Employer Branding Specialist

Employer Branding

  • Strengthen brand awareness of Mitr Phol Group as an employer of choice in order to build quality candidate pipeline and good perception towards the company.
  • Manage careers communication channels such as career website, linkedin, facebook, and tiktok.
  • Plan and create contents and campaigns for all channels.
  • Assess effectiveness of employer branding campaigns across social media platforms to tweak and improve branding and communications strategies.
  • Find a reliable measure to track employer brand index.
  • Gather voices from social media and collect feedback from candidates to improve employer branding.
  • Initiate projects to improve employer branding, as well as candidate journey and experiences.
  • Responsible for the creation of recruitment related and employer branding materials.

Internship program and university recruitment

  • Responsible for planning annual internship calendar for proactive sourcing.
  • Gather requirements internship and plan activities to fulfill those needs.
  • Create process and propose tools to screen internship applicant.
  • Strengthen relationships with universities, and initiate activities for campus recruitment.


  • At least 5 years of work experience in employer branding and university recruitment.
  • Proven record in developing employer branding campaigns and activities.
  • Proficient in all social media platforms and multimedia tools.
  • Initiative, creative, and possess improvement mindset.
  • Collaborative, high sense of responsibility, and good project management skills.
  • Good command of English (both speaking and writing for content writing).