Job Openings Offshore Installation Manager

About the job Offshore Installation Manager


Offshore Installation Manager shall be responsible to ensure that Asset Acceptance team participate in construction activities, pre-commissioning, and ready to operate PEGAGA project facilities. All documentation including Operating manuals, as-build drawings, design data and equipment drawings are available before start-up.

After project completion, to plan, implement, manage and control all offshore operations activities so as to ensure operation & production targets are met, technical excellence is maintained and MP HS&E policies, Principle and Procedure are compiled, thus contribution to the overall company business and goals according to approved procedures and good engineering practices.

Reports directly to the Senior Operations Manager. Shall be capable of working independently and capable of leading the offshore team to achieve production and maintenance targets and to ensure safe operations in the offshore facilities.


  • Develop Work Planning & Budget (WP&B) for PEGAGA.
  • Overall supervision and leading offshore team for the day to day activities in all the offshore operations. Achieving production and maintenance targets.
  • Able to assist and support for platform employee carrier development and competency assurance program.
  • Able to assist and planning for platform employee technical and soft-skill training.
  • Providing technical assistance and recommendation to Operations Manager during planning and execution of work.
  • Participate in the development of facility Start Up and Ramp-up Procedure.
  • Review the Certificate of Readiness Process and associated procedure ensuring compliance to the Safety Case.
  • Involve in the development of Platform Operations Procedures Manual.
  • Focus area is to assist with the training of the Operations Team to ensure competency can be demonstrated prior to Start Up.
  • Drive and enforce the implementation of HSSE plan and targets in line with Company’s HSSE philosophy in order to ensure process facilities runs in a safe and efficient manner. Lead to demonstrate safe work practices, schedule specific HSSE related site visits and actively participate in safety meetings.
  • Implements and ensure the Permit to Work system, Company’s HSSE policies, Maintenance Management System are in place and complied with.
  • Responsible for reviewing site/work procedures, work schedules and planned work activities to minimise production interruption and safe execution of activities.
  • Ensure good housekeeping and hygiene standards in the offshore facilities.
  • Is the offshore Emergency Response site Commander. Conducts simulated emergency drills, training and safety manage, review Contractors, sub-contractors and their personnel offshore to ensure work quality, harmony and discipline are maintained, and health and safety regulations and procedures are complied.
  • Coordinate, control, implement and respond to emergency plans including training of personnel and practice of emergency management procedure so as to ensure personnel safety and emergency preparedness. Carry out all responsibilities, audit, etc. as required by MP Safety management systems.
  • Advice/review contractor documentations (including work permits, records and reports) procedures, drawings for any construction/installation work in ensuring of accuracy, good quality and as per company standard and practices and specification.
  • Responsible for appraising contractor’s work safety procedures to ensure high safety standard.


A Degree in Engineering/HND equivalent in O&G Management with extensive experience (minimum 10 years) in installation of Offshore oil & gas production facilities or at least 15 years working experience in plant supervision in related field/industry.

Experience & Requirements:

Must have at least 15 years working experience in the oil & gas industry, 10 of which as an OIM or Platform Superintendent.