Job Openings Manager Exploration

About the job Manager Exploration

Role Purpose

Lead and manage the Exploration Function within ME, providing:

  • Advice: provision of expert advice and assistance to the assets
  • Assurance: Quality Assurance to the assets and ME corporate.
  • Standards: establishment and/or update of ME technical standards, policies, common processes, systems.
  • Project Work: provision of project support and evaluation
  • Organizational capability: Ensure the organization has the required capability to deliver its goals

Key Accountabilities


Contribute to the development of MEs long term goals and strategy.

Develop for ME approval, an integrated Exploration Strategy, aligned with and supporting ME strategy and goals.

Ensure regional/country level exploration strategies exist, aligned with MEs overall Exploration strategy.

Exploration Portfolio Management

Describe and advise on the required exploration portfolio to support the strategy.

Ensure exploration portfolio actions and recommendations within regions/countries and in new business development activities are aligned with the strategy.

Ensure establishment and maintenance of Portfolio Tracking and Performance measurement systems are in place.

Work Programs, Budgets and Plans

Direct and create the annual ME exploration work plan and associated budget

In Operated licenses oversee preparation of budgets for Joint Venture partners

Manage non-Operated partner relations to ensure work plans and budget aspirations are received in timely manner

Manage work plan delivery against the agreed plans, and the department Performance Contract

Monitor financial performance vs budget

New Business Development& New Ventures

In coordination with other ME units, oversee, identify, evaluate and recommend opportunities for new exploration acquisition in line with the strategy and prospective portfolio.

Provide, or ensure, the technical capability and QA for geoscience aspects of all new business development production-led, development-led and exploration-led.

Organizational Capability Development

Ensure the organization develops or has access to the necessary Functional capabilities (skills, experience, know-how) to deliver the Business Plan.
Develop a Functional Resourcing Plan and Technology Plan for ME that articulates the required capabilities and the strategy/plans for achieving such capability. Oversee its Implementation.
Advise on the efficient deployment of existing skills and resources for optimum business benefit,
Oversee the geosciences recruitment activities.
Develop a learning & organizational development framework for the geosciences staff and oversee and assure its implementation.
Develop strategic relationships with key 3rd party service providers to supplement MEs own capability.
Recommend and support Functional staff transfers across ME to(a) ensure necessary skills are brought to bear on the business, and (b) assisting MEs development of staff.
Coordinate Functional succession planning and contribute to ME succession planning for this role

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures

Contribute to the development of ME policies, standards, processes and procedures and ensure all relevant ME policies, standards, processes and procedures are complied with in areas under this accountability.

Develop Functional policies, standards, processes, procedures, and systems, ensuring alignment with ME.

(e.g. Risk & reserves methodology; basin, play and prospect analysis; exploration well approvals; EPAIM hardware and software).

Develop processes to ensure adherence to the Functional standards.

Oversee the technical aspects of developing, communicating and reporting against MEs Petroleum Resource Management System. Establish and administer a PRMS Technical Authority.

Budgets and Plans

Co-ordinate the development of an integrated multi-year Exploration Business Plan and an Annual Exploration Work Programmed & Budget that achieves the business goals. The Plan describes the necessary activities, resources, targets, milestones, costs and deliverables.

Develop a multi-year Business Plan and Annual WP&B for the central Exploration/Geosciences functional activities.


Lead the Functional staff by ensuring the existence and communication of a clear Functional strategy, plan, policies, standards and procedures.

Demonstrate desired behaviors through own actions with particular attention to HSE.

Ensure own staff have clear objectives, regular performance feedback, formal annual appraisals, and an individual development plan, with particular emphasis on the development of national staff.

Organization Structure- Develop and implement an organizational structure for the central Exploration department that makes efficient use of resources and delivers the business results effectively.- Monitor the effectiveness of the structure and individuals and update as appropriate.- Advise on appropriate structures and resource utilization for exploration activities in the assets.

Partnerships & Relationship Management

Identify key Functional stakeholders (in Partners, JOCs, IOCs, NOCs; Ministries; Governments and service providers) and support the assets in relationship management.

Provide Functional support to, and/or represent ME on, JV committees

Operations activities

Provide Functional advice, QA, and support to Operations activities as required.

Development activities

Provide Functional advice, QA, and support to Development activities as required.

Exploration & Appraisal activities

This role is accountable for the portfolio of exploration activity being undertaken. The assets are accountable for the execution of approved E&A activity.

Provide Functional advice, QA, and support to approved E&A activities as required.

Change Management

  • Identify the need for change (e.g., in organization, processes etc.) to ensure Functional success and/or improve performance and/or ensure compliance.
  • Implement such change ensuring the proposed value is realized and any risks identified and mitigated.
  • Instill in the organization a culture of continuous improvement in all areas of the Function. Support with necessary systems and leadership.

HSSE & Safety

  • It is critical for the role that the incumbent is fit and is capable to visit the offshore and other offsite facilities.
  • It is mandatory that the incumbent successfully completes the offshore health check-up requirements as established by HSSE;
  • The incumbent also needs to keep the offshore training and health check-up certificates valid and undergo periodic re-training and check-ups.

Knowledge, Skills & Experience

Knowledge: A Bachelor's degree in Geology, Geophysics and/or Geoscience, with an MSc or PhD considered advantageous if subsequently leveraged in career.

Minimum 15+ years, with significant exposure to International. Exploration activities Familiarity with multiple basins and plays in several countries and diverse geological settings, ideally through expat assignment and working with local and international staff mixIn depth knowledge of the structural setting, tectonic evolution, petroleum and depositional systems Highly experienced with Geophysical and Geological operations; ability to influence drilling and engineering functions.


Relationship management at all levels

Analytical and critical analysis skills

Portfolio management experience

Communication and presentation skills

Good interpersonal skills and cultural awareness

Project management skills

Promoting an environment which encourages coaching and mentoring.