Job Openings HSSE Coordinator

About the job HSSE Coordinator


  • Co-ordinate and support the implementation of the Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) objectives, plans and programs aligned with the company vision in order to ensure that Mubadala Petroleum Malaysia has the best HSSE practices in place which are aligned with MPMY Operation Management System (OMS) requirements and MP Corporate standards.
  • To ensure the MPMY Key Processes & Procedures (KPP), Safe Work Practices (SWP) & MP 8 Golden Rules are adhered to by all MPMY staff & contractors at all times on board Pegaga ICPP
  • To provide the necessary HSSE support to Pegaga Operations Team in accordance to the regulatory requirements.
  • To support MPMY HSSE Team for the successful implementation of MPMY HSSE Plan at Pegaga ICPP
  • Upon request and with consent from MPMY HSSE Team, to provide general HSSE support to other sections within MPMY
  • To collaborate with contractors HSE Representatives on-board Pegaga ICPP on the management of day-to-day HSSE matters
  • To provide daily, weekly and monthly HSSE Reports & HSSE KPIs to MP HSSE team
  • To represent MP HSSE Team as on-site HSSE representative at all times
  • To coordinate & organise HSSE campaigns and activities in line with the HSSE Plan
  • To provide on-site support to MPMY Projects & Construction Team on-board Pegaga ICPP
  • To coordinate & organise Weekly Hazard Hunt activities on-board Pegaga ICPP
  • To compile/record HOC submissions on-board Pegaga ICPP
  • To manage HSSE Committee on-board Pegaga ICPP
  • To conduct HSSE Briefings on-board Pegaga ICPP
  • To actively support OIM during Emergency Response Preparedness
  • To assist Operations Team to review and approve TRAs & PTWs


  • Ensure compliance by all parties on-board Pegaga ICPP with the relevant Malaysian regulatory and best industry practise requirements, and HSSE Bridging Document and SIMOPS requirements
  • Communicate, track the progress and implementation of MPMY HSSE Plan subjected for Operations
  • Conduct daily HOC observations, TRA reviews and permit approvals
  • Conduct weekly hazard hunts and safety critical equipment (SCE) inspection
  • Record and compile all closed-out PTWs
  • Actively conduct on-site inspections on-board Pegaga ICPP
  • Attend daily morning meetings, daily morning calls, toolbox talks and PTW meetings
  • Responsible to support Pegaga Operations Team on HSSE updates for Operations HSE Engagements and/or Meetings
  • Coordinate with contractors HSE representatives on provision of daily/weekly/monthly updates on HSSE issues
  • Implement, communicate, promote and display periodic MPMY HSSE campaigns/alerts
  • Identify, list and propose Weekly HOC card finalists to OIM
  • Provide on-site HSSE assistance and support in performing any incident investigation on-board Pegaga ICPP
  • Develop, monitor and conduct verifications and/or inspections on the action items arising from HOC observation cards, management visit reports, and incident and inspection reports
  • Emergency Response, acts as muster checker



  • Diploma in Engineering or Science or Safety
  • Shall be well verse of local and international HSSE legislations and regulations including best HSSE practice for oil & gas industry.
  • Shall be a certified Safety & Health Officer from either DOSH Malaysia or NEBOSH IGC with a valid Green-Book.


  • Minimum 8 years of experience in HSSE
  • 5 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry
  • With minimum 5 years of working experience for multinational major hazard organisation.


  • Excellent & convincing interpersonal skills, good communication and presentation skills, technical writing skills and basic computer skills.
  • Strong computer literacy with good Planning and Organizing skills.
  • Ability to understand oil & gas processing related activities as a whole and understand the day-to-day challenges for Oil & Gas operations.