EN<>ES Sports Localization Specialist

 Job Description:


Spanish<>English translation and subtitles creation of multiple media and written assets on baseball. Due to the nature of the content, a good portion of it requires a fast turnaround (6-24 hours), and availability for working outside of US business hours (after hours and weekends) is required.

The localization specialist must possess strong collaboration skills, as direct communication with the client and other stakeholders will be required.


  • The audio quality for creating SRT files might not be good

  • Creativity to achieve a Spanglish that feels natural to the audience (baseball fans) is important

  • Volumes are irregular but have a likeliness of becoming more consistent.

  • Participating in briefing and feedback sessions with the end client


  • Being a native Spanish, preferably living in the US

  • Experience in creating SRT files from scratch

  • Availability to meet short deadlines

  • Strong communicator in both English and Spanish, particularly in written form

  • Flexibility and adaptability to be able to work on project requests with varying requirements and scope

  • Being passionate about baseball and understanding the audience jargon and the fans experience

If you are interested, please consider applying for the job opportunity below.

Thank you for your time and consideration!