Spanish <> English Insurance transcriptionist [Freelance]

 Job Description:


We are looking for a Spanish <> English insurance transcriptionists. Please find the job description below:

A Spanish <> English insurance transcriptionist is responsible for accurately transcribing and translating audio according to guideline specifications. Additional duties may require editing transcriptions by other freelancers and providing feedback on the basis of a structured quality framework. The insurance transcriptionist is a linguist with native knowledge of Spanish, particularly Mexican or Central American variants, who, additionally, has a deep familiarity with American English and slang.

In this role, you’ll be expected to:

  • Transcribe Spanish and English insurance audio. These are primarily recorded statements of claims adjusters and claimants, witnesses, and other involved parties related to car accidents, homeowners claims, natural disasters, and more. The content is conversational and may include slang from different Spanish-speaking regions, and recordings of different quality levels (phone interviews, onsite, etc.).

  • Ensure transcripts and translations follow different formatting guidelines from multiple end clients.

  • Edit transcriptions as necessary, provide feedback and evaluation and communicate quality issues promptly to project managers

What you’ll bring with you:

  • Native or near-native level of Spanish, preferably Mexican or Central American

  • Excellent English skills (speaking, listening and comprehension, and writing), native level preferred

  • Fast and accurate typing skills

  • Manages time effectively and efficiently and works well under tight deadlines

  • Dependable and punctual

  • Strong emotional skills and ability to be confronted with occasionally unpleasant and difficult content

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills

  • Self-starter, ability to work independently

  • Tech-savvy and excellent knowledge of Microsoft Suite, specifically Word and its advanced commands (Wild cards, Find and Replace, etc.) Knowledge of transcription and audio clean-up software and hardware (Eg. Express Scribe, foot pedal, etc.)

If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit your application with your resume and cover letter making sure that you include relevant experience in the following areas:

  • Interpretive transcription or similar service
  • Relevant experience in the subject matter
  • Any other relevant experience

  Required Skills:

Cards Editing Resume Typing Spanish Project Managers Insurance Specifications Writing Software Communication English