Job Openings Concrete Technician/Технік з бетону

About the job Concrete Technician/Технік з бетону

We are currently seeking a skilled Concrete Cutter to join our team. The ideal candidate will have experience in wire sawing, wall sawing, flat sawing, and core drilling. We offer ample opportunities for further training and career development.

Job Description: We are looking for an experienced Concrete Cutter with expertise in wire sawing, wall sawing, flat sawing, and core drilling to join our team. The successful candidate will play a vital role in cutting and drilling concrete according to project specifications.


  • Perform concrete cutting and drilling operations using specialized equipment such as wire saws, core drills, and wall saws
  • Ensure accuracy and precision in all cutting operations, considering factors such as depth, angle, and location
  • Adhere to established safety protocols and best practices to minimize risks associated with cutting operations
  • Prepare work sites by clearing debris, marking cutting lines, and ensuring the safety of the surrounding area
  • Protect adjacent structures and surfaces from damage during cutting operations
  • Maintain a high standard of workmanship to ensure the quality of cutting surfaces meets project requirements
  • Perform regular maintenance and inspections of equipment to ensure proper functionality and safety
  • Handle and transport heavy and bulky materials such as concrete blocks and cores safely and efficiently
  • Properly dispose of waste and debris in accordance with company policies and environmental regulations


  • Valid Class 5 driver's license or higher
  • Experience in concrete cutting or related construction work
  • Basic knowledge of workplace safety rules and regulations
  • Ability to safely operate hand and power tools, as well as heavy equipment
  • Physical fitness and ability to perform heavy tasks in various weather conditions
  • Ability to lift and carry up to 75 pounds
  • Strong mechanical skills and effective communication skills
  • Knowledge of concrete cutting equipment and methods is considered an asset
  • Reliable transportation is preferred


  • Competitive salary starting at $28 per hour
  • Opportunities for further training and career advancement