Job Openings ICT System and Field Technical (Sydney Part-Time Role)

About the job ICT System and Field Technical (Sydney Part-Time Role)

Highlights of the Position

  • 20 -24 Hours per week.
  • Perfect for a 3rd Year Uni Student studying IT who wants flexible and real-world experience to launch their career.
  • Possible Full-Time Employment available during University Breaks and after Graduation.

Must have a Car and Permanent Residency in Australia

Job Description: ICT System/Field Technician (Part-Time)

The following Goals and Duties are applicable for every client's network that is managed by Network Overdrive.


The Position requires the person to work at Network Overdrive's Site office and at client's premises as required by Network Overdrive.


The position has the following performance indicators:

  • High Customer Satisfaction (99% rating): Excellent customer service to meet or exceed customer expectation for work done.
  • On Budget Resolution (85%): Be able to resolve over 85% of assigned tasks within budget.
  • On time response (90%): Be able to meet response times as set by Dispatch/SLA required.
  • Utilisation Rate (80%): Be able to demonstrate through Connectwise ticket system as utilisation rate over 80% (billable vs non-billable time)
  • First time Resolution (80%): Be able to resolve work on first visit will no re-work required by themselves or others.
  • All assigned requests set to in progress within 120 min of creation.
  • Timesheets up to date daily.

Values and Principles

  • Customer Service: Maintenance of healthy customer relations and the provision of excellent technical service is vital. This is especially achieved through the following:
  • System Availability: The network system and all data and support services it provides should be available to the organization whenever needed.
  • System Confidentiality: The information carried and stored on the network should be available only to persons authorised to access it.
  • System Integrity: The network and its support services should behave as expected; in particular, data should be modified only in accord with the needs of the organisation.
  • System Usability: The services provided by the network should facilitate the organisations and staff's tasks rather than impeding them.
  • System Flexibility: The network system should be able to be easily adapted to the changing needs of the organisation.


The position is responsible for the following duties in accordance with the above goals:

Customer Relations and levels 1 incident management/SLAs

  • Maintain healthy customer relations.
  • Advise and prepare quotes on hardware resources for new or upgraded systems.
  • Monitor/resolve level 1 issues and SLAs.
  • Track such problems and take reasonable steps to prevent recurrence.
  • Communicate to customers: keeping them informed of progress, notifying them of impending changes or agreed outages, etc.
  • Help to On-board new clients as they are introduced to company.
  • Create and update documentation to include system reviews and recommendations.
  • Improve customer service, perception, and satisfaction.
  • Work in a team and communicate effectively.
  • Escalated service issues that cannot be completed within agreed service levels.
  • Help Document internal processes and procedures related to duties and responsibilities.

On-call Support

  • Be on call once a month for a weekend as per roster.


  • Assess and report on original status of client's systems security and efficiency.
  • Support senior staff in their advice clients on best practice for system and network administration.
  • Assist senior staff proposing various solutions for clients.
  • Develop some Business awareness: specific knowledge of the customer and how IT relates to their business strategy and goals.
  • Develop basic knowledge of the service catalogue and how it relates to customer's needs.

Management of the backup and restoration of data

  • Implement and monitor an automated backup strategy of essential data within the network.
  • Periodically verify the backups to ensure integrity.
  • Periodically review the backup strategy and modify as necessary.

User Administration

  • Maintenance of user accounts on all network servers.

Fault Prevention and Monitoring

  • Ensure reasonable steps are taken to prevent hardware and software failure interrupting company operations.

System Upgrades, Installation and Configuration

  • Help senior staff to plan and implement a hardware purchase policy to assist decisions for hardware purchases.
  • Ensure hardware and relevant software (including operating systems and applications for company operations) are installed and configured in accord with security, administration and facility (ease-of-use) goals.

Hardware maintenance

  • Ensure all new and existing hardware is tracked in the hardware configuration registry.
  • Perform diagnostics and liaise with hardware vendors to fix faulty equipment.
  • Monitor systems to ensure the registry remains current.

Software maintenance

  • Ensure that all purchased software is tracked in the software registry.
  • Ensure all physical copies of software packages are tracked and their current location known at any time. Monitor usage of limited-license software.
  • Install and manage a standard operating environment (SOE) for clients.
  • Apply updates/patches as needed to approved software.


  • Understand the site security policy based on the customer's requirements.
  • Implement site security procedures based on the security policy.
  • Educate staff on how security policy and procedures affect company operations.
  • Monitor and record any breaches or attempted breaches of the security policy.
  • Monitor and adjust the site security policy and procedures to ensure continuing adherence to company goals.

System Support

  • IT support relating to technical issues and project implementation.
  • Support services for Microsoft-related technologies: Windows Server, Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, etc.
  • Support of virtual environments including VMWare, Hyper-V and backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Technical services and support at the network level: WAN and LAN connectivity, routers, firewalls, and security
  • Understand and respond to any issue according to the SLA that a customer has chosen.
  • Respond to users experiencing problems with the configuration of their workstations or the network and its services.
  • Ensure such problems are resolved adequately.
  • Track such problems and take reasonable steps to prevent recurrence.
  • Provide support over the phone, via remote access and onsite as needed.


  • Record all effort in a language understood by the client and administration staff. Date, length of time, Activity Description, Client and person authorizing work should be detailed.
  • Expense claims are to have accompanying receipts and not exceed approval limits.
  • Responsible for entering time and expenses in ConnectWise as it occurs.
  • Work through a daily schedule in ConnectWise that has been established through the dispatch process.
  • Understand processes in ConnectWise by completing assigned training materials and blueprints on the ConnectWise University.
  • Enter all work as service tickets into ConnectWise.

Training and Professionalism

  • Review IT publications and online materials to remain up-to-date with current and future technologies emerging in the industry.
  • Join a professional organisation (ITPA or SMBIT-pro etc) (fee paid by Network Overdrive)