In 2023, we, redefined ourselves. And every candidate who sees this announcement has a fantastic opportunity to join NEXISTINGs new journey, new opportunities, new working process, new tech startup projects, and recruit a new A-Team in 2023. 🚀🌕

NEXTZY and EXISTING are not the same company. We have different strengths and weaknesses, but we are working together towards the same goal of improving your quality of life and taking your user experience to the next level. Together, we are called NEXISTING.


  1. 🦸🏻 NEXTZY Team

    We are a Softare Development Company that develops the website and mobile application in corporate grade.

    Opportunity to build the software project in corporate grade.

  2. 🚀 EXISTING Team

    We are a Digital Innovation Company that develops technology-based solutions for various businesses.

    Opportunity to venture the tech startup project, cover all tech solution and involve to business direction.

At NEXISTING, we specialize in software development for both start-ups and corporations. We offer solutions from upstream (Experience Design/Website/Native Application/Cross platform) to downstream (Cloud Infrastructure). Additionally, we have extensive industrial experience across various fields such as Video Streaming, E-Commerce, Metaverse & Blockchain, Telecommunications and Finance and Gamification.


  • You have the opportunity to create your own Startup Product within the company. And the company is eager to assist you in any possible way so that you can accomplish things that no other company has ever done before, such as connection and investing in your ideas.
  • Learn a clear, quick, and efficient work style.
  • Coach one-on-one with the CEO to enhance your Growth Mindset and overcome any obstacles.
  • Life, Healthy, Accident insurance.
  • Support Healthy cost Ex. Dental, Vaccine, Eyecare, etc.
  • Support Lifestyle cost Ex. New smartphone, Gym & Yoga course, etc.
  • Free online training courses.
  • Found the working goal and your value with the EXISTING direction
  • No stupid meeting.


  • OS: MacOS (We have a personal computer for you)
  • Communication: Slack, Jira, Notion, Keynote and more
  • Designer: Figma, Figjam and more
  • Front-end: React, Kotlin, Swift, Flutter and more
  • Back-end: NodeJs, NestJs and more
  • Infra: AWS, GCP, Firebase and more

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