Job Openings Customer Service Trainer

About the job Customer Service Trainer

Job Summary: 

As a Customer Service Trainer, your primary responsibility is to design, implement, and deliver effective training programs for customer service agents. 

This role involves facilitating training sessions, assessing performance, and contributing to the ongoing development of the customer service team.

Scope and Complexity: Your work will be guided by established training protocols and practices. Collaboration with the training team and adherence to company guidelines is crucial.

Essential Functions:

Training Program Management:

Collaborate with the Training Manager to design and develop comprehensive training programs.

Facilitate engaging and interactive training sessions for new and existing customer service agents.

Assess trainees' performance, providing constructive feedback and coaching.

Regularly update training materials to reflect changes in policies, procedures, and industry best practices.

Ensure training sessions align with organizational goals and customer service standards.

Coordinate with other departments to incorporate cross-functional knowledge into training programs.

Trainee Evaluation and Support:

Monitor and evaluate trainees' progress during and after training sessions.

Provide additional support or coaching as needed to address performance gaps.

Collaborate with team leaders to identify areas of improvement and implement targeted training interventions.

Documentation and Reporting:

Maintain accurate records of training attendance, performance assessments, and other relevant documentation.

Generate reports on trainee progress, training program effectiveness, and areas for improvement.

Collaboration and Communication:

Work closely with the Training Manager to align training initiatives with departmental objectives.

Communicate effectively with team leaders and other stakeholders to ensure training programs meet organizational needs.

Marginal/Additional Functions: Contribute to a positive training environment by fostering

professionalism, adaptability, teamwork, and mutual respect. Undertake other tasks as assigned by the Training Manager based on training requirements.

Minimum Required Qualifications and Relevant Experience:

2 years of experience in handling training classes for customer service accounts

Proficient in oral and written American English.

Strong presentation and facilitation skills.

Experience in designing and delivering effective training programs.

Knowledge of customer service best practices, policies, and procedures.

Ability to assess and coach individuals to enhance performance.

Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.

Computer-savvy with proficiency in MS Office applications.

Effective communication skills with diverse audiences.

Flexible and adaptable to changing training needs.

Good moral character.

Must report to work punctually.

Bachelor's degree in a relevant field.

Previous experience in customer service training is preferred.

Certification in training or a relevant field is a plus