Job Openings Account Manager

About the job Account Manager

Responsible for the smooth running of an account and the production of its advertising, as well as for ensuring that work is produced on time and within budget.

Build strong relationships and to foster good team spirit with both clients and members of the agency team, particularly the creative department, with which they will have almost daily contact.

Account Managers play a pivotal role in the development of advertising and creative strategies.  They are judged on their ability to contribute to the sale of great work.

It is also key for Account Managers to develop their management skills by coaching and developing their support team, and by demonstrating an ability to effectively delegate both up and down.

As the Account Manager moves towards promotion to Account Director, he/she will need to show leadership and drive in thinking of innovative solutions to business/strategic problems and in merchandising the agency’s services (particularly Brand Stewardship).

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:


  • Is ultimately responsible for ensuring work is produced on time and within budget.
  • Assists other departments with forward planning on future projects.


  • Has a thorough understanding of the client’s business and the major factors/trends shaping their market(s).
  • Is the client’s first port of call for all administrative issues.
  • Is the agency team’s first port of call for all questions relating to client issues.
  • Builds relationships with clients based on trust and mutual understanding.
  • Tries to foresee any client issues/questions or internal resourcing issues before they arise.


  • Is responsible for setting the creative context of the business:  knowing what type of advertising the Brand needs, understanding what the client thinks he/she wants, if these differ.
  • Is the Creative department’s contact on a day-to-day basis.
  • Has the ability to judge and sell creative work.
  • Has the ability to conjugate great brief.
  • Is responsible for overcoming any difficulties in getting creative work out on time.


  • Contributes to the good financial management of the business, improving profitability wherever possible.
  • Ensures that timesheets are always up to date and given to Finance timeously.
  • Ensures that the agency responds to any financial queries within 48 hours.
  • Has a solid knowledge of all TV, Radio and Print Production issues such that, if necessary, cost saving solutions can be proposed.

Traffic / Production

  • Is responsible for overseeing the production of all campaigns produced


  • Has a good understanding of the principles of qualitative/quantitative research.
  • Forms a strong and enduring relationship with his/her Planner on the business. 
  • Has a deep understanding of consumer motivation and behaviour patterns in the marketplace



  • Works closely with the media planner to produce inspiring and unusual media strategies that provide a showcase for the agency’s creative work, whilst delivering against specified coverage/frequency targets



  • Delegates effectively and appropriately – upwards to the Account Director, as well as downwards, and to other departments.

  • Involves the Business Director appropriately on all relevant issues:  status of business, brand health, creative projects, timings, etc.


Education & Experience

·       Marketing knowledge and experience

·       Financial and budget control ability

·       People management skills

·       Team worker

·       Demonstrates potential leadership qualities

·       Excellent written/verbal communication skills

·       Good interpersonal skills

·       Strong service orientation

·       Integrity, energy and creativity

·       A thorough working knowledge of all agency systems