Job Openings PR Account Director

About the job PR Account Director

An account director should be an experienced, broadly capable project and account manager who handles a wide range of assignments, projects and/or clients with a high degree of success and independence. She/he has strong client relationships and is considered a potential company leader.


An account director has demonstrated high-level professional knowledge and skills.  She/he is able to manage a piece of a large account or a few smaller ones, with little top cover from her/his business director, director and/or managing director, as well as the staff assigned to the business.  She/he should have strong project management, budgeting, counselling, programme, people management and business development skills with increased emphasis and demonstrated success in building business and people.  She/he has the confidence and support of client contacts and strong relationships with the client organisation.  An account director demonstrates the ability and wherewithal to deliver on our vision, performance requirements and growth projections.  An account director has strong relationships with and the confidence of the client. 

Account management:

·       Monitors account teams standards and deadlines

·       Proposals and strategies to be developed and e-mailed prior to presentation to client

·       Makes contact with each client at least once a day

·       Billings and all required documentation such as PO numbers and supplier invoices are completed according to the finance department’s deadlines

·       Completes billings and updates the billing sheet each month according to the finance department’s deadline 

·       Meets budget targets and tracks financial progress against each client every month

·       Cost estimates to be managed through the right processes to ensure accurate mark ups and implementation only to commence once approved and PO received

·       Tracks billed hours vs retainer /project  income on a regular basis

·       One on one team sessions to be held regularly

·       Quarterly client health reports to be completed according to set deadlines 

·       Compiles completed timesheets in the first week of every month

·       New business participation should include the following from the AD;

-        Research

-        Attendance at brainstorm sessions

-        Assistance with preparation and development

-        Attendance at the presentation

·       Monitors relevant news sources on a daily basis 


·       One on one media breakfast or lunch to be held on a regular basis

·       Top level media motivations to be drafted 24 hours prior the deadline 

·       Only AD’s to brief external writers, with a comprehensive written brief with 48 hour turnaround time unless client specifically requested otherwise

·       Media lobbying and securing additional coverage according to client’s KPI

·       Attendance at all client / media interactions and a media profile to be developed and sent to client 48 hours prior to the meeting 

·       Assist and alert client to any potential crisis or negative publicity



Projects and events:


·       Pre events

-        Ensure that a thorough and comprehensive proposal or plan has been developed which meets clients brief

-        Management of budget and the teams throughout the duration of the event  

-        Sign off of the proposal and budget before implementation

-        Management of 50% up front payment prior to implementation


·       The event

-        Management of client expectations at the event

-        Overall management of suppliers and OPR team members

-        Ensure all deadlines are managed and adhered to

-        Management of payments for suppliers two days prior to the event

·       Post the event

-        AD to invoice all outstanding monies 48 hours after the event

-        Management of reports and reviews from the event

-        Thank you e-mailer to the media post the event

Professional skills:

·       Understands business trends in the industries to which he/she consults.

·       Responsible for overall development of strategies and programmes based on team input.

·       Directs development of range of materials developed by account team including client memos, press releases, speeches, articles, brochures, presentation and collateral materials.

·       Efficiently and effectively plans and manages large-scale events.

·       Develops and guides media relations strategy.

·       Applies specialised industry expertise to client work.

·       Has established a circle of industry editorial, investment community, professional and/or third-party group contacts.

·       Has strong presentation skills and demonstrated ability to play a leadership role in a wide range of presentation settings.

·       Anticipates and develops solutions to client needs and problems.

·       Provides strong leadership in building effective, productive account teams.