Job Openings PR Senior Strategist

About the job PR Senior Strategist


A senior strategist should be an experienced and highly capable strategic thinker who handles a wide range of strategies and presentation thereof for current and potential clients with a high degree of lateral thinking. 


A senior strategist has demonstrated high-level professional knowledge and skills. They must have strong research capabilities with the ability to develop insight driven communication and PR strategies that are digitally led. They have the confidence and support of existing client contacts and strong relationships with the client organisation. A strategist demonstrates the ability and wherewithal to deliver on our vision, performance requirements and growth projections. A strategist has strong relationships with and the confidence of the client and account directors across the business.

Professional skills:

  • Has depth and diversity of strategic account experience that informs public relations counsel/strategy, digital communications and influencer strategy.
  • Has full understanding of public relations, media relations and the digital and influencer landscape
  • A consistent track record of achieving public relations and digital comms objectives through outstanding and consistent strategies across a variety of accounts.
  • Understands business, PR and digital/social trends in the industries in which OPR operates.
  • Responsible for overall development of strategies and programmes based on assistance from account teams.
  • Develops and guides account directors and other team members with media relations, influencer and digital/social media strategies.
  • Has strong presentation skills and demonstrated ability to play a leadership role in a wide range of presentation settings.
  • Anticipates and develops solutions to client needs and problems.
  • Works with team to develop new business strategies


  • Completes timesheets daily and otherwise acts in accordance with company policies and procedures.
  • Contributes to forecasting and projections done by more senior managers.
  • Helps account director meet their billability targets through creative measures
  • Awareness and understanding of our contractual agreements and their impact on agency procedures.

Initiative and general management:

  • Is familiar with, and supports achievement of the company’s vision and exemplifies the company’s values.
  • Routinely contributes to agency growth and performance as project, team, group and agency leader.
  • Identifies and is on the lookout for trends and new developments that will impact clients and the business of PR and comms.
  • Mentors and manages more junior strategists in the business.
  • Delegates effectively.
  • Routinely develops and implements solutions when problems arise.
  • Assists peers in problem solving.
  • Leverages talents of colleagues in own problem solving.
  • Routinely seeks and shares information with colleagues.
  • Develops and grows junior strategic talent.
  • Directs and facilitates others’ contributions to team, staff and client strategies.
  • Displays work ethic and values of the firm in day-to-day behaviour.
  • Routinely invests in building agency and client accounts and resources.
  • Works with senior managers to identify and address supervisory training, leadership and career development needs.
  • Continually seeks new ways to learn and improve and contribute.