Job Openings Business Development Manager

About the job Business Development Manager

Role specification:

Formal Education: Business Management, Marketing or Brand Management degree or diploma

Training: Formal sales training, interpersonal skills training

Experience: Middle to senior middle-weight experience within the corporate world

Contextual information:

Ogilvy Health & Wellness are the health behaviour experts of Ogilvy South Africa. People expect more of brands that ever before, expecting brands to go beyond. This is no truer than when it comes to navigating a health condition —where individuals grappling with uncertainty, need knowledge, understanding, and guidance. We innovate and create health and wellness solutions to bring forth the best possible growth solutions for our clients. We shape their brands, help the brand become a positive health experience, and we share the impact of their brand story.

General purposes of the role:

To have a dedicated focus on bringing in new wellness-based clients into OHW. Wellness is a to become a new revenue stream for OHW. To initially focus on SA’s top 200 companies at the human resource level to sell in our wellness solutions. Thereafter the focus will be to target health and wellness brands in to get them to appoint OHW as their strategic and creative agency.

Key outputs and indicators of the BD:
Business/Commercial Acumen (Business Management & Implementation)

  • Delivers Ogilvy OHW’s offerings and services
  • Ensures Ogilvy OHW’s services are promoted and utilised
  • Accesses and leverages the intellectual capital of OHW Worldwide

Client Management and Business Development 

  • Explains OHW’s contribution towards building clients’ businesses
  • Has an understanding of policies, procedures, practices and process of targeted companies
  • Develops and manages marketing, advertising and promotion planning
  • Keeps in touch with all new product launches in the health & wellness field
  • Identifies and exploits business development and income generating opportunities

Client Relationships

  • Delivers high standard of client satisfaction, measured via feedback, surveys and responses to campaigns. Continuously adapts and adjusts approaches to benefits client needs
  • Develops client relationships

People Management

  • Implements and manages the approved company structure
  • Applies management practices and controls
  • Applies human resource management practices

Financial Management

  • Applies financial management plans and controls
  • Drives and accomplishes new business targets
  • Monitors budget administration 

Key tasks per output:

Business and Commercial Acumen

  • Delivers OHW’s offerings and services
  • Delivers business initiatives that enhance the development of skills knowledge and good practices
  • Accesses and leverages the intellectual capital of the network (OHW Worldwide)
  • Through research and actively networking within the industry, ensures that the Lead Employer is at the forefront of strategic planning (in bringing in new business) and innovation and that this is shared across the peer group and throughout the team
  • Delivers tactical solutions when necessary to achieve higher quality within the confines of cost and time ensuring that any change is clearly communicated across the business
  • Understands how the company’s profit is derived and the role products and/or brand/s play in achieving business success

Client Management & Business Development

  • Identifies and exploits business development and income generating opportunities
  • Sets and directs the delivery of the income targets for each client account
  • Understands marketing costs and how the client budget is deployed
  • Ensures clear understanding of the client’s strategic and operational requirements and communicates this to the team
  • Explains agency’s contribution towards building client’s business with regard to all communication activity
  • Detailed knowledge of clients business. Knows how the business operates and understands its product and manufacturing, distribution, service and sales processes, as well as its internal operations
  • Through close relationships with clients, continuously develops the strategic direction of each client account and ensures communication of any directional changes to own team
  • Identifies areas of growth with regards to existing business. Increases the number of services provided by the agency by establishing processes to ensure all group services are promoted and sold to designated clients
  • Identifies and analyses dimensions of brand positions and determines benefit
  • Understands the benefits of brand building through public relations
  • Understands connecting business strategy to brand strategy and public relations
  • Plans and manages business portfolio according to market agreed development strategy
  • Monitors and reports on market and competitor activities and provides relevant reports and information
  • Attends and presents at internal and external business prospect meetings

Client Relationships

  • Identifies and manages internal and external stakeholder relationships and expectations
  • Delivers high standards of client satisfaction, measured through feedback, surveys and responses to campaigns. Continuously adapts and adjusts approaches to benefit client needs
  • Assesses and responds to client needs and implements action plans
  • Monitors performance of client and agency
  • Drives the provision of the Lead Employer's services into the heart of the account teams to maximise the opportunity to benefit from access to the range of services that are available within the Lead Employer including creative, strategic planning, production etc. Builds the strength of the business relationship through delivery of value-added services to the benefit of the client
  • Identifies areas of growth on existing business to increase money spent from client to agency
  • Maintains and develops existing and new customers through appropriate proposition

People Management

  • Manages the performance of the directors and any other direct business reports to continuously achieve or improve on income targets set
  • Utilises human resources productively to maximise service for the client and income for the employer

Financials management

  • Manages and monitors income from all client accounts
  • Ensures high standard of invoicing and financial administration
  • Drives excellence in financial management
  • Drives all daily business activity towards the achievement of business targets
  • Drives the ethos of cost control and income growth throughout the team
  • Achieves new business targets
  • Makes accurate budget projections and revisits financial projections when necessary

Other special requirements:

It is important that this person is a good cultural fit for OHW and our current and prospective health and wellness clients