Job Openings Business Director

About the job Business Director

Major Task Headings:

  1. COLLABORATION. Based on a matrix approach to management, collaboration with Office and Discipline Heads is absolutely fundamental. Whilst responsibility for the account clearly rests with the Business Director, it is both expected and required that this be done based on the principle of collaboration.
  1. SINGLE BOTTOM LINE ACROSS DISCIPLINE. Requires that solutions are delivered which are in the best interest of the brand, not one or more of the individual offices.
  1. REVENUE DRIVERS. Notionally Business Directors become the primary revenue drivers of the organisation and the individual office and discipline heads supply to them of best quality human and technical resources.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:


      • Ensuring that the total communications budget is deployed across what is agreed to be best mix of communication disciplines to deliver the best business solution.
      • Total bottom line profitability of each client within his/her portfolio.
      • Annual budgeting and preparation of the Business Plan in conjunction with individual Head Office.
      • Delivery of Business Plan during fiscal year.


      • Ensure staffing levels match the need of the client, within the constraints of the budget, across the following disciplines: Account Service, Media and Planning.
      • Conduct annual performance appraisals, in conjunction with discipline specialists.
      • In liaison with various office/department heads ensure the team is adequately skilled/trained to deliver ahead of client expectations.
      • Ensure efficient utilization of all creative and creative support services; research and research support services, finance and administration.


      • Understanding and implementing Brand Stewardship both as a philosophy and a process.
      • Originate and deliver, in conjunction with appropriate agency sources, outstanding strategic solutions based on a combination of the business scenario, consumer rights and

      • Thorough understanding of the total communication mix.
      • Ensure all agency briefings will yield relevant and original solutions efficiently.
      • Develop a strong partnership with the Creative Director on each account based on a shared commitment to effective solutions.
      • Facilitate first time selling and timeous execution of creative and media solution.
        • Represent the point of view of the agency with integrity and resolve.
        • Elevate the client’s perception of the agency from an advertising supplier to a valued business partner, within the context of the total marketing mix, not just advertising.


        • Understands how best to present the agency’s work in a client forum to best effect.
        • Keeps the Executive Creative Director and Creative Group Heads apprised of all relevant client/account issues.

        Education and Experience

        • Post graduate degree or National Diploma, majoring in communication, marketing, advertising or other related Business Sciences
        • Financial and budget control ability
        • Marketing knowledge and experience
        • Outstanding people management skills
        • Committed team worker
        • Excellent written/verbal communication skills
        • Good interpersonal skills
        • Strong service orientation
        • Integrity, energy and creativity