Job Openings Group Account Director

About the job Group Account Director

 Major Task Headings:


  • Is to lead a particular piece of business, within a constructive and creative operating environment.

  • Is the day-to-day contact and primary manager of the account.  As such, he/she must recognise his/her prime responsibility for ensuring the quality of the agency’s product, particularly the strategic and creative product, and for inspiring the highest standards in other team members.  In so doing, he/she will contribute to the successful and profitable stewardship of clients’ Brands.

  • Be an active and enthusiastic advocate of Brand Stewardship, in theory and in practice.  This means both completing the procedural sides of Brand Stewardship and living and breathing the philosophy of stewarding each Brand worked on.

  • Build excellent relationships with clients, extending into social situations, and with all members of the agency team for whom he/she is responsible.

  • The Account Director’s leadership role on his/her business should also contribute to the department in a positive manner:  by setting an example of best-practice account management skills.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:



  • Has a deep understanding of the client’s business and of the key broader factors and trends shaping their markets and categories.  Looks for opportunities to engage in broader business dialogue with clients.
  • Builds strong and enduring relationships with clients, professionally and socially, particularly at the Brand Manager and Marketing Manager or equivalent level.
  • Regularly seeks out ways to add value to the client/agency relationship (e.g. joint speaking appearances at conferences; effecting introductions to other members of agency management; agency presentations on broader industry issues).


  • Is responsible for setting the creative context of the business:  knowing what type of advertising the Brand needs and understanding what the client thinks he/she wants, if these differ.
  • Is an excellent judge of creative work and is willing and able to argue a case in any client/agency forum.
  • Understands how best to present the agency’s work in a client forum to best effect.



  • Is responsible for maximising the account’s billings and/or income and for seeking out additional income opportunities.
  • Contributes to the good financial management of the business, improving profitability wherever possible,
  • Ensures that timesheets are always up to date and given to Finance timeously.
  • Responsible for forecasting, scoping and recons.

Traffic / Production


  • Is responsible for ensuring appropriate timescales on all major productions.
  • Is responsible for ensuring the right resource is allocated to the business in this area.
  • Is responsible for ensuring that the client understands the importance of having enough time for creative development.



  • Forms a strong and enduring relationship with his/her Planner on the business.
  • In tandem with the Planner, develops the most insightful advertising strategies and sharpest creative briefs possible.




  • Is ultimately responsible for the smooth running of the account – operationally, creatively and financially – and is answerable on these points to the client and to the Business Director/Managing Partner.
  • Creates the best possible environment in which to produce the best possible work.  Is responsible for ensuring that his/her teams have the right time and resources to deliver this, within the client’s time frame.
  • Builds the respect and loyal commitment of team members, of the department and of the agency as a whole.

Education & Experience

Strong FMCG experience

Strong ATL and Integrated experience

Thorough marketing knowledge and experience

Strong leadership and managerial skills

Be able to take strategic control of all brands within FMCG portfolio

Be self reliant and take total ownership of the portfolio

Have a strong overall business acumen

Self-motivated with a high energy level,

Able to lead an account with confidence while doing all the day-to-day account management,

Good presentation skills

Strong financial management