Job Openings Mid Level Conceptual Copywriter

About the job Mid Level Conceptual Copywriter

A Mid-Level Concept Creative is a Copywriter/Art Director hybrid – you can lean towards Copy but should be able to straddle the basics of both Copy and Art Director capabilities and should be willing to learn & upskill where needed.

Mid- level Concept Creatives are client facing, conceptual thinkers who are able to work alone and in collaboration with other conceptual creatives & creative specialists. They have sufficient communication skills to visualize and sell their creative ideas. When it comes to their thinking, they are channel and brand agnostic. We consider Concept Creatives to be able to think through the funnel, from big attention-grabbing platform ideas to functional bottom of the funnel conversion ideas.

We sell or else should be the guide through everything we do.

This role needs someone who can work efficiently under pressure, in collaboration with media and strategy from the get-go. We thrive in a fast pace environment in an ever-changing landscape, having a solution orientated mindset is key to succeed in this role.


Under the supervision of an ACD or Creative Director, you will be responsible for the concept and ideation of campaign ideas. Leading ideas through the funnel from big idea through to purchase.

Key requirements include:

  • Strong Conceptual ability (top of the funnel excellence).
  • Confidence and good communication skills as the role involves a high level of client engagement.
  • Creative leadership that understands and promotes platform storytelling.
  • Financially conscious.
  • Culture of creative collaboration with the System (paid media) and Story (strategy) teams.
  • Good design skills across a wide range of creative mock-up executions & presentation designs (internal & external) – e.g. Keynote, Photoshop, QuickTime Player, etc.
  • Culture of agility (rapid turn-around).
  • Culture of innovation.
  • Strong and up-to-date knowledge of communication platforms and formats & channels.
  • Understanding of, and ability to, develop bottom of the funnel performance content.
  • Understanding of the ever-changing consumer landscape.


Internal Mandatories

  • You ensure that the creative team/traffic manager/production manager are aligned throughout projects, to meet deadlines.
  • You are responsible for overcoming any difficulties and finding solutions during the project while keeping your team members informed throughout.
  • You build strong relationships and foster good team spirit with both clients and members of the agency to bring great ideas and creative work to life.
  • You will have a solution focused attitude.
  • You have a thorough working knowledge of Workbook (timesheets).
  • You are ultimately responsible for ensuring your work is produced efficiently and on time.
  • You will work in close collaboration with your seniors who will set in place a structured way of working.
  • Min 4 years Copywriter experience.
  • Relevant tertiary qualification.